How Gambling Online is Safer and Easier to Win

Removing the stereotypical stigma from playing real money online games.

Removing the Stereotypical Stigma from Real Money Online GamesFor many years, gambling has been stereotyped, mostly by certain political and religious groups, as something that’s bad. It’s earned a stigma as a vice—something worthy of shame and reprehension. Realistically, gambling is nothing more than one of the world’s many forms of paid entertainment. Except this time, there’s a chance of winning your investment back, and then some.

Problem gambling is certainly an issue, and not something I’m attempting to sweep under the rug. It affects a small percentage of players, just as alcoholism affects a small percentage of those who consume it. We do not look upon someone enjoying a beer or glass of wine as a bad person, so why should the same attitude be felt towards anyone who visits a physical or online casino?

If we peel back the stereotypical stigma from gambling, we find an entertaining pastime that is most often enjoyed responsibly. In today’s technological age, more and more people are discovering the same real money games available in the online space. Because they are played digitally, a whole new stigma is befalling online casinos. The belief that they are not safe, they are not fair, and that they cannot protect today’s youth.

Removing the Stigma from Real Money Online Games

Because technology is so advanced these days, the above statements couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, in well regulated markets, online gambling is actually safer than the land-based variety. The games are not only fair, many of them pay out better than their bricks-and-mortar cousins. And passing an identity verification test online is a lot more difficult than buying a fake ID from some shady character on the street corner.

Online Gambling is Safer

In recent years, there have been absolutely no reports of a regulated casino website being hacked. No reports of player accounts being compromised; personal and financial information stolen. These sites are shored up tighter than Quantico.

The same cannot be said of land-based casinos. Check recent news reports. Numerous Canadian casinos were hacked in the last few years, giving up everything from personal account info to credit card numbers; not just on customers, but their employees too.

Online Casinos Pay Better

Shocking, right? People tend to think the games might not be fair, when in reality, they are more fair than physical games. The software at regulated gambling sites is run through regular audits for fairness. And games that have programmed RTPs—especially slot machines—are set to pay much higher.

The slots at Canadian casinos might pay anywhere from 85%-92%. Online casino slot machines average 96%. And on land, it’s hard to find a blackjack game with anything better than 8 decks and 6-5 pays for blackjack. Online, it come in single deck, double deck, and up, with traditional 3-2 blackjack pays available on most variants.

ID Checks Thwart Underage Gambling

In the ‘real world’, it’s easy to buy a fake ID to get into a casino or purchase alcohol. Online, you’ll need to pass a strict, government mandated verification process. This includes submitting photo ID, proof of payment method, plus multiple proofs that your name and address are in sync (utility bills, bank statements, etc.)

The only way for a minor to pass the ID security checks to play real money online games is to actually steal someone’s ID and financial info. If that happens, it’s not on the casino, but the parent(s), who have a whole other problem to deal with for failing to instill moral values in their offspring. It’s a double edge sword, too, since it’s usually the parent’s identity that gets stolen.

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