The Search for New App Casinos

App CasinosDo you play slots on a mobile device? Did you search for any new app casinos lately? If so – and if the latest statistical data is to be believed – you probably got bored with the last casino app you downloaded sometime around early October of last year.

According to new research from SuperData, mobile gamblers who download app casinos tend to get bored with those games after 7.5 months, on average. That’s when they start searching the web for new gambling apps to entertain themselves with.

The data also revealed that mobile casino players spend an average of US-$324 on digital slots games, and US-$250 on multi-genre games (blackjack, video poker, etc.) during that period of time.

PC gamblers, on the other hand, are more likely to stick with a new online casino for about 9 months before they seek out another website to play on. For those 9 months, the average player’s wagering expenses total US-$556 on slot machines, and US-$629 on multi-genre games.

It was also determined that, due to the overwhelming increase in the number of mobile gamblers over PC gamblers, that single-game casino apps are now more popular than multi-genre casino apps.

This is all important data for the companies who develop PC-based and mobile app casinos. Knowing who is playing what, and how much their spending on it, will help them target larger revenue streams.

International Game Technology (IGT) must have had an inside cue on these market trends before SuperData released its report. Last month, the company divested itself of Double Down Interactive, a multi-genre social casino business that offered everything from slot machines, blackjack and roulette, to video poker and bingo games.

After witnessing a decline in player activity and revenue in 2016, IGT sold Double Down to a company in South Korea for US-$825 million.

Mobile may be on the rise, but PC gamblers still prefer the multi-genre variety over single app casinos. Multi-genre casino games for PC now account for 31% of social gaming revenue, with multi-genre app casinos for mobile players making up only 24%.

Multi-genre casinos won’t be disappearing off the market anytime soon, though. Despite the fact that PC gamers now make up just 6% of the total digital casino player base – down from 15% last year – they are still the biggest spenders, and a worthy target audience for games developers.

PC gamblers spend, on average, 69 minutes playing casino games each time they long on, and nearly US-$80 a month doing so. Mobile casino gamblers averaged 57 minute sessions, and US-$40 per month, making them only half as valuable to iGaming operators and games developers compared to PC users.

As for why multi-genre games are less popular for those who download app casinos, SuperData Research Manager Carter Rogers offered some insight on that trend. He noted that PC gamblers enjoy the more “visually interesting casino lobbies” that larger screen sizes are able to deliver. Mobile casino players, on the other hand, prefer limited gaming on equally limited screens.

For developers of mobile app casinos, the problem they’ll need to overcome is the increasing popularity of other social games, like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Monster Legends. New mobile technology has given rise to more immersive social games like these, causing the number of mobile casino gamblers to fall dramatically from 158 million in 2014, to 84 million in 2017.


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