Building Better Mobile Live Dealer Games

Vivo Gaming Mobile Live Dealer GamesLive dealer games were originally designed to be run on a desktop computer. They required fast broadband connection speeds and a wide screen to deliver an affable experience to the player. Today, more software companies and iGaming operators are finally putting a focus on mobile live dealer games.

With a customer base that is constantly transitioning from desktop to smartphone and tablet devices, the need to deliver better live dealer games for mobile has become increasingly apparent. Unfortunately, only a very small margin of the industry has focused on this sector in recent years.

2017 is in full swing now, and the future is upon us. Mobile live dealer games are finally receiving the recognition they so greatly deserve. Companies like Vivo Gaming are targeting the live dealer audience with advanced systems that are designed specifically to cater to mobile players who appreciate the efficacy of a live dealer gaming venue.

Adapting To Mobile Live Dealer Games

Yuval Shochat is the CCO of Vivo Gaming, and he took a few moments to speak with the ICE Live blog team during the ICE Totally Gaming conference in London this week. The topic of discussion quickly transitioned to mobile live dealer games, and the extensive efforts of the company’s development team to present a more user-friendly interface for their mobile customers.

Adapting to mobile platforms has posed a few challenges, the screen size being one of them,” said Shochat. “We developed a new UI for mobile, in HTML5, preserving all the functionality without damaging the experience of Live Gaming.”

The challenge – one that Shochat believes they ultimately succeeded in overcoming – was to create a full gaming screen in which the “dealer, table, cards or roulette are easily visible to our mobile players, something we wouldn’t compromise.”

His company was also forced to circumvent the common issue of adapting to the “lower bandwidth” of today’s mobile devices. Then there was the need to make that software in multiple formats for optimization with all major mobile operating systems (Apple iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)

These weren’t any real challenge for our experienced and professional team of developers and I can confidently say Vivo has the best Live Dealer solution for mobile platforms,” concluded Shochat.

Why We Love Mobile Live Dealer Games

Throughout the history of the internet casino gambling industry, players have unceasingly questioned the reliability of random number generators. Are they really as fair as operators and software developers say they are? Can they be compromised with the duplicitous press of a button?

There’s plenty of evidence attesting to the efficiency and dependability of RNGs, especially in such a highly regulated business as online gaming. But that simply isn’t enough to assuage the global market. There will always be those who prefer to play live dealer games, where the fairness is evident in the shuffling of the cards and professionalism of the dealers who turn them.

Mobile live dealer games give players the same comforting assurance they feel when playing in the world’s largest land-based casinos. By designing fast, user-friendly live dealer games that operate seamlessly on mobile, the industry is able to provide that superior experience to players all over the world, everywhere they go.


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