How to Play the Mega Moolah Slot from Quebec

Hitting the Mega Moolah: Quebec players go for gold on Microgaming’s famous Millionaire Maker.

Hitting the Mega Moolah: Quebec Players Go for Gold on the Millionaire Maker
Slot machine jackpots are nothing new. The majority of games, old and new, come with a flashy jackpot sign to help draw players into the action. But not all jackpots are created equal. Very few are worthy of the label, “Millionaire Maker”. In fact, that nickname belongs to just one online slot machine – the Mega Moolah.

What sets this classic Microgaming-made jackpot slot apart from every other digital reel spinner on the world wide web is a progressive prize that start at a whopping one million. That’s the seed amount, mind you. It doesn’t grow to one million before players are eligible to win it. It actually starts at that prize point.

Every single time a player wins – which happens more often than you might expect – Microgaming tosses another $1,000,000 into the pot just to get it going. That’s 4x higher than NetEnt‘s most valuable progressive jackpot slots, Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams; both seeding at just $250,000.

If your interest is piqued by this epic Millionaire Maker slot, keep on reading. You’ll learn a little history on the Mega Moolah and its payout stats, how the jackpot is released, and how players from Quebec, Canada can go for gold on this highly celebrated iGaming phenom.

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah: A Quebec Fan Favorite for 13 Years and Counting

Microgaming first released the Mega Moolah Slot in November of 2006. At that time, the online gambling community had never seen anything like it. To this day, none have dared to compare, either. Not in jackpot seed, payout size, or 7-figure payout frequency.

The Mega Moolah has paid out 61 times since anyone actually started tracking it in 2009. In those 10 years, the average jackpot prize has been $5.73 million per strike. It’s no wonder they call it the Millionaire Maker. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long to get there either, proving just how popular the game is among players.

In 10 years, the jackpot has paid out once every 60 days (8.5 weeks) on average. However, the win rate keeps getting faster and faster, doubling in 2019 alone. Now halfway through November, we’ve already seen 11 Mega Moolah strikes this year, including the latest one just 6 days ago. That’s an average of one new millionaire every month, or one every 4 four weeks.

$5.7m might be the average hit, but it’s nowhere near the highest. This online slot has been responsible for 7 of the world’s top 10 largest online progressive jackpot prizes throughout history, including the top two, which paid €18,915,721 in Sept. 2018, and $20,057,734 (€13.7m) in Jan. 2019.

That second one is especially impressive; not because it appears higher than the world record setter when you remove the currency symbol, but because it was paid to an anonymous player from right here in Canada.

How to Win the Mega Moolah’s Mega Jackpot

How to Play the Mega Moolah Slot from QuebecEnough about past winners – let’s get down to future winning logistics. In order to win this game’s progressive jackpot, all you have to do is play it for real money with all pay lines active. There are only 25 lines, so as little as $0.25 per spin will do it. It is said that increasing your bet will slightly increase the odds of the jackpot game randomly triggering, but history has proven that’s not necessary. Even the lowest bets have triggered the bonus game and led to a Mega Jackpot win.

The bonus feature is a Jackpot Wheel game that guarantees one of four jackpots will be won. The Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. Each jackpot is assigned a color, and has corresponding colored positions on the wheel. The whee’s single white position marks the Mega jackpot. If the wheel stops here, the player is an instant millionaire!

Playing the Mega Moolah from Canada

The Mega Moolah Progressive is found only at Microgaming powered online casinos. A lot of Canucks assume they can’t access Microgaming casinos because they are licensed here in Kahnawake, Canada, and as legal eagles like to spew, any operation on Canadian soil that is not regulated by the province in which you reside is prohibited.

But wait! Kahnawake is not under federal rule. It is officially the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, belonging to the First Nations Mohawk Tribe. And that means Microgaming can accept all the Canadian players they want, without fear of recompense. So when it comes to playing the Mega Moolah, Quebec players can visit any Microgaming-powered online casino they wish.

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