Online Casino Bonuses with Low Playthrough

Online casino low playthrough bonus offers: How low is low?

Online Casino Low Playthrough Bonus Offers – How Low is Low?Almost every promotion in the world looks great on a banner. It’s not until you read the fine print that you find out whether it’s really a good deal or not. Leasing a brand new vehicle with no down payment and a cheap monthly rate seems great, until you find out about all the fees, like security deposit, acquisition fee, doc fee, excess wear fee, disposition fee, excess mileage fee, lease-swap fee, gap insurance, I could go on and on…

Online casino bonuses are similar. Matching a deposit dollar for dollar up to, say, $400, is a great deal. But the fine print can include intensive wagering requirements, or playthrough, game restrictions, withdrawal limitations, and other unsavory demands. Most of the common requisites are understandable. After all, casinos aren’t in the business of giving away money. But what most people are really looking for, but have a very hard time finding, are…

Online Casino Low Playthrough Bonus Terms

I’ve seen a lot of bonus terms in my day. I’ve been playing at online casinos for more than 15 years now, and detailing their highs and lows for nearly as long. In my experience, the average wagering requirement (WR) is set at “40x”. That’s 40-times the total promotional amount (deposit + bonus).

At that rate, a $100 deposit + $100 match bonus would require $8,000 in playthrough before clearing the bonus. Do you realize how lucky you need to get to take a $200 bankroll and make it last for $8,000 in wagers? And end with a profit? Strategists do know, and that’s why they always read the fine print, which tend to include a few more common stipulations.

Once the bonus is cleared, you can withdrawal the winnings, but not until the original bonus amount is deducted from your balance. And don’t even think about getting this over with quickly, because those $8,000 in wagers cannot exceed $1 per bet.

So you’re going to have to place a minimum of 8,000 bets. And, odds are, you’ll have to place them all on slot machines. If you are permitted to bet on other games, like blackjack or video poekr, it will only count (at most) 10% towards playthrough, which would boost the required number of $1 bets to 80,000 or more!

As you can see, online casino bonuses with low playthrough are in high demand. Unfortunately, they are very hard to come by. The lowest you’ll find at most casinos is 30x, and I’ve seen them as high as 80x.

The absolute lowest I’ve seen at an online casino – and this truly surprised me – was 10x WR. You’ll find this low 10x playthrough requirement at none other than Ontario, Canada’s own PlayOLG Casino. It wasn’t just the rate that was so surprising, but the fact that the fine print doesn’t kill the deal. It actually gets better from there.

PlayOLG’s 10x WR is only required on the amount of the bonus, not the deposit+bonus combined. So a $100 deposit + $100 match bonus would only require $1,000 in eligible wagers; one-eighth of the industry average.

I’ve never seen any other online casino come anywhere near that value. Not even at other Canadian-regulated gambling sites. British Columbia’s PlayNow only offers a $20 free chip, but not until you place $100 in wagers. Plus, it comes with a 30x playthrough requirement. Over at Quebec’s Espacejeux, you’ll be lucky to get a “Hello!” as your welcome bonus. They rarely promote anything worthwhile for their online casino players.

International brands are all about the promotions, but again, the best for an online casino with low playthrough is going to be 30x WR and up. Of course, only Ontario residents can take advantage of the PlayOLG promo. If you’re not from Ontario, a 30x WR is as low as it gets, and is generally considered a great offer by today’s standards.


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