How to Play the Atlantic Lottery Online

The Atlantic Lottery: Play online, win for real with higher odds in the ALC Mobile App.

Atlantic Lottery: Play Online, Win for Real with Better Odds on MobileThe Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) is the provincially mandated lottery network of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Its services present citizens of region with an exciting way to play for big prizes and, at the same time, help fund all sorts of local events, festivals and community projects, as 100% of all profits are funneled back into the Atlantic provinces.

The ALC provides a wide range of lottery products to residents aged 19+. For years, lottery draw tickets, instant scratch’n’win tickets, and pro-line sports tickets have been available for purchase at hundreds of lottery retail locations all across the area. Now, you can play anytime thanks to the ever-evolving ALC Mobile App.

Atlantic Lottery Play Online, Win for Real

The ALC can now be played at your convenience – anytime, from anywhere. Retail locations are still perfectly happy to sell you tickets for all the types of games available, but if you can’t make it to the store, or don’t wnt to venture out into the cold without greater need, all you have to do is log in from your desktop computer or mobile device.

From the ALC website, you can participate in all types of games:

– Lotto Max Draw
– Lotto 6/49 Draw
– Daily Grand Draw
– Atlantic 49 Draw
– Salsa Bingo
– Poker Bingo
– iBingo
– Bucko
– Keno
– Instant Wins (50+ available)
– Pro-Line (Games, props, futures, fantasy, and more)


Atlantic Lottery Mobile App for Android and iOS

Launching the ALC into cyberspace was just the first phase of the lottery corp’s overall goal to reach new customers. The next step – and one that’s been continually evolving since its release – was the provision of a mobile lottery app.

ALC Mobile was first available in 2014. Its functions were limited back then, doing little more than depicting the winning numbers for local drawings. In 2015, it got a major boost when it was updated with the option to purchase lottery tickets.

Aside from the occasional bug fix, things remained status-quo for the next two years until 2017, when iBingo games were added to the mobile app. Then in 2018, expansions went wild. First, Poker Lotto tickets arrived. Then, ALC added Pro-Line features. Users couldn’t buy their tickets in the app, but they could set their picks and wagers, then generate a QR code that would print the tickets when scanned at a retailer. Before the year was out, another update made it possible to scan and check lotto draw tickets, scratch cards and pro-lines directly in the app.

Last but not least, just two days ago, the ALC Mobile App was updated to encourage checking lotto draw tickets within the app. Doing so will instantly qualify all checked tickets for 2Chance entries. So the next time you want to participate in the Atlantic Lottery, play online and check your tickets via the mobile app. Your odds of winning will only increase if you do.


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