Playtech’s DC Comics Aquaman Slot Better than the Movie?

Playtech unveils DC-branded Aquaman Online Slot prior to film debut.

Converting from text to film isn’t always a successful venture. Sometimes the book is better than the movie. Other times, Hollywood directors are spot on, turning classic text into a cinematic transformation of dulcet perfection.

Playtech's DC Comics Aquaman Slot Better than the Movie?Today we’ll be comparing a unique set of adaptations; Playtech’s Aquaman Slot, taken from the original DC Comics, and Warner Bros. theatrical film of the same name. Were the online slot machine based off the film, it would be a different story. Being that both come from the comic series, it’s a relevant comparison that begs to answer the question—which is more entertaining?

Aquaman Movie, Released December 21, 2018

Countless scowls graced the faces of super-hero fans from the moment previews started airing for this cinematic adaptation. Aside from die-hard fans of the mighty underwater luminary, most feared Aquaman would become the next in a long line of DC Comic flop-buster films, a la Green Lantern.

Once it hit theaters on December 21, the reviews came pouring in. The New Yorker called it “bloated and sludgy”. The National Review says it’s nothing more than “copycat desperation” from a production company “chasing after Marvel’s jackpot”. But it wasn’t all bad.

The Toronto Sun’s Mark Daniell found Aquaman to be “a thoroughly entertaining ride”, while the San Diego Reader’s top critic raved about the action sequences, defining them as “what the Tron sequel should have looked and sounded like”.

Overall, RottenTomatoes gives Aquaman a score of 64%, despite an audience score of 81%. And as for me, the dialogue ranged from amusing to corny, and the CGI effects, although impressive, were overshadowed by a long-winded story that could have been improved by 20 minutes less screen time.

Aquaman Online Slot, Released November 30, 2018

Playtech unveils DC-branded Aquaman Online Slot prior to Film DebutComparatively speaking, I have to say I’ve gotten more entertainment out of playing the digital slot machine version. For one thing, I’m a much bigger fan of the original DC Comics than I am of most of their film adaptations. The original Superman movies were great, but the more recent remakes—not so much, The Batman films were better before CGI took over the majority of the action sequences. Since Michael Keaton retired his cape, I’ve kind of lost interest (kudos to Val Kilmer for playing the most diabolical Joker since Caesar Romero).

The iGaming version, branded by an exclusivity contract between Playtech and DC, takes its characters straight off the comic book pages. Aquaman, Mera, Black Manta, The Dead King, and others appear on the reels. Aquaman and Mera each bestow special features on the reels when they appear stacked, and players can earn up to 16 free spins with up to 16x multiplier. There’s also a 4-tier progressive jackpot that can trigger its release at random, after any real-money spin.

What’s Better, Slots or Movie?

Is Playtech’s DC Comics Aquaman Slot better than the movie? I have to say yes, and for one very simple reason. I’ve seen the movie, and I’m glad that I did, but it’s not something I feel I will ever see again. The Aquaman Online Slot, on the other hand, is a game I can enjoy—intermittently, of course—for years to come.

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