Why some prefer House-Banked Texas Hold’em

The Ultimate Showdown: Texas Hold’em Poker -vs- Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Casino Hold'em at Royal Vegas CasinoTexas Hold’em is, hands down, the most beloved poker game in the world. It brings people together for a battle of mathematical supremacy and psychological warfare. Whether heads-up or in a thousands-strong multi-table tournament, the games can be incredibly lucrative, if you play your cards right.

Casino Hold’em is, for all intents and purposes, the same game. However, competition is limited, decisions are much easier to make, and you don’t have to be a savant to outwit your opponent. This game pits player versus dealer in a house banked rivalry that anyone can win.

Texas Hold’em Poker vs Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

By and far the most significant difference between these two casino games is competition. In Texas Hold’em poker, it’s you versus every other player who stakes a buy-in. Even in a 9-seat SNG, your natural odds are severely low. Unless you happen to be remarkably skilled beyond the capabilities of everyone around you, it’s incredibly hard to finish last.

Casino Holdem is a house banked game, just like blackjack, three card poker, and let it ride. No matter how many other players participate, you must only beat the dealer to win. This greatly increases your odds. And since you don’t have to make any major decisions in hand development (a la blackjack), there isn’t too much thought that goes into it either.

Let’s take a look at some of the other differences between these great gambling games.

#1 Expense

Texas Hold’em can get very expensive. You can always chose to fold when the pot gets scary, but that leaves so many unanswered questions. The stress factor can be tremendous! Maybe you had a great hand, but you just didn’t have enough chips to risk riding it out…

Live Casino Hold’em gives you complete control of your bankroll. If you don’t want to risk more than a couple dollars on a hand, start with a $1 ante. It will cost you a total of $2 to play it out, including the $1 call bet to the showdown. And you can always fold before committing that bet, should you begin with junk.

#2 Whole New Strategy

In Texas Hold’em, you can afford to fold one hand after another, tossing blind bets to the wind until a good starting hand comes along. Then, by placing the right bets and raises, you can win it all back, and then some, on a single pot.

Due to the limited betting structure, this isn’t possible in Casino Hold’em. Folding hand after hand until those pocket Aces come along will still leave you in the hole, unless you make a good enough hand for a big bonus pay out. Simply put, you have to play the cards you’re given more often, or you’ll just keep sinking. Thankfully, being a heads-up poker variant, your odds are still decent with a crap hand.

#3 Live Dealer Casinos

Texas Hold’em poker can be played in person or online, but there are no genuine live dealer poker games on the internet. At least, not the kind you find in the live online casino realm…

Live dealer Casino Hold’em can be played in a 100% true-to-life setting on any computer, smartphone or tablet. All you need is a solid internet connection. The games take place from a real casino studio, streamed direct to your device in HD quality video and audio. Real dealers, dealing real cards, and interacting with real players from all over the world—there’s nothing else like it.

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