New Bovada Casino Player wins $180k Progressive Slots Jackpot in 4 Hours

A Night With Cleo Progressive Slots JackpotAsk anyone who might consider themselves to be a veteran slots player how long it takes to win a progressive slots jackpot. Chances are, they’ll tell you it takes a very long time, maybe even years of dedicated and responsible game play. Ask Juan of Texas, and he’ll probably say “about four hours”.

That’s exactly how long it took for Juan, a new member of Bovada Casino, to turn his first $50 deposit into a life altering jackpot prize of nearly $180k. Four hours. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief – and I’m sure he is, too.

It all started on Thursday, May 4, 2017 when Juan registered a new player account with Bovada Casino, known for its unwavering acceptance of US players in most states. Being from Texas, Juan understood the importance of joining a brand with a stellar reputation, and for American players, it doesn’t get much better than Bovada Casino.

So there he was, clicking and typing his way through the sign-up form. With that done, he made a quick deposit of $50, which earned him an additional $50 credit via the site’s 100% match bonus for first-time depositors.

From there, Juan made his way to the online blackjack tables. After a while, he decided to check out the slots menu, where he found one of Bovada Casino’s popular progressive jackpot games, titled A Night With Cleo. Endowed an Ancient Egyptian theme and a progressive slots jackpot valued in the 6-figure range, Juan clicked on it and began playing.

The Texas native spun the reels exactly six times, at $1 per spin, before the unimaginable occurred. A Night With Cleo released its progressive jackpot, rewarding Juan with a phenomenal payout of $179,697.27 – just 4 short hours after he’d signed up his new Bovada Casino account.

A Night With Cleo Progressive Slots Jackpot

A Night With Cleo Progressive Slots JackpotA Night With Cleo isn’t your run-of-the-mill online slot machine. Sure, it has a progressive slots jackpot, which is always nice, but there’s a bit more – or perhaps, ‘a bit less‘ would be the appropriate wording – to this game.

Like many slots, A Night With Cleo comes equipped with wilds, scatters, free spins, and an optional ‘Gamble‘ feature after any winning spin. Unlike many slots, Cleo disrobes during the gamble feature each time a player guesses the 50/50 correctly.

A Night With Cleo Gamble FeatureTo take a gamble, players must select a Lotus flower from one of Cleo’s hands. If the flower opens to reveal gold coins, the player receives double the winnings, and Cleo will remove one piece of clothing. If the lotus is empty, the winnings are lost and the gamble feature ends.

If successful, players can gamble up to 5 times, and after the fifth correct guess, Cleo removes her nipple tassels… because apparently members of nobility wore nipple tassels in Ancient Egypt. Who knew?

As for winning the progressive slots jackpot on A Night With Cleo, there’s no specific combination of symbols that must be aligned to do so. The progressive prize is entirely random, and can be awarded after any winning spin on the reels.

According to stats trackers, the jackpot pays out rather often. Since January 2017, A Night With Cleo has paid out its progressive slots jackpot, on average, every 10 awarding, awarding about $142.8k per win.


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