New Lottery Game in Ontario, Hit or Miss

Hit or Miss, the new Ontario lottery game starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow, January 9, 2018, marks a new entry in the Ontario Lottery’s history books. That’s the day that Hit or Miss, the newest draw game from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG), will host its first draw. Not just its first, but its second, third, fourth, fifth, and many, many more. That’s because this game will host a drawing every 5 minutes.

New Ontario Lottery Game Hit or Miss

Ontario's New Lottery Game Hit or MissOver the last few decades, lottery drawings have evolved an awful lot. We were first introduced to weekly drawings in 1976. Canada approved lotteries as a way to help fund that year’s hosting of the Summer Olympic Games in Quebec. Over time, the lottery expanded, offering more games on more nights of the week.

The new Hit or Miss game from the Ontario Lottery supersedes them all by leaps and bounds. Not only are drawings going to be held every five minutes (with two daily breaks in between), following tomorrow morning’s first draw, players must go digital to get the results. To top it off, the only way to win is to match all numbers, or none of them at all.

How to Play New Lottery Game Hit or Miss

So here’s how it works. Players must select exactly 12 numbers from a sequence of 24 (1-24). Players can only purchase one set of numbers per ticket, at a cost of $2. Additionally, players may only purchase a ticket at an official lottery retail outlet. They may not purchase tickets online.

The usual Quick Pick, Advance Play and Repurchase Play options are available. Advance and Repurchase Plays may not exceed 30 consecutive drawings.

According to the OLG’s Hit or Miss rules sheet, under Section 3, ‘The Draw’:

Draws are conducted at 5:00 minute intervals (approximately) according to the following schedule. All draw times are in Eastern Time.
Each draw, the Corporation shall draw, by electronic means, at random and without repetition, twelve (12) numbers (“winning number”) from the set of 24 consecutive numbers from 1 to 24.
Each draw is assigned a unique draw number. Ticket(s) are eligible only for the draw(s) indicated on the ticket.
The player’s ticket is entered into the next available draw(s) at the time of purchase.

Hit or Miss Lottery Draw Schedule

Hosting drawings every 5 minutes, all day long, would eliminate the option to perform updates and/or maintenance on the system. Being wholly digital, that’s simply not an option. Thus the OLG is enforcing the following drawing schedule, including two breaks per day.

Draw Schedule Sunday-Monday Tuesday Wednesday-Saturday
Every 5 Minutes 12:05am – 1:30am 12:05am – 12:30am 12:05am – 1:30am
Break (No Draws) 1:30am – 6:55am 12:30am – 6:55am 1:30am – 6:55am
Every 5 Minutes 7:00am – 11:55pm 7:00am – 11:55pm 7:00am – 11:55pm
Break (No Draws) 11:55pm-12:05am 1:05pm-12:05am 11:55pm-12:05am

How to Win Hit or Miss Lottery Game

Okay, so we know how and when to play it. But how do you win it? First, to get the results, you’ll have to either download the Ontario Lottery app on your mobile device, or visit the OLG website for the results. As for winning…

To collect the max $250,000 prize, you’ll need to hit all 12 numbers, or miss all 12 numbers. Hence the name of the game… Doing either poses the same odds of 1 in 2,704,156.

Matching (or missing) 11 of out 12 is worth $500. All other prizes are much lower, ranging from a ‘Free Play‘ (5 out of 12) up to $22 (10 out of 12). The only way to receive no prize at all is to hit/miss 6 out of 12, making the odds of winning any prize 1 in 2.2.

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