Status of Montreal Online Blackjack & Slots in 2017

Last Updated on March 6, 2017 by Trevor Hallsey

Montreal Online Blackjack and SlotsIn Montreal online blackjack and slots games have become a way of life – a natural progression of technology, if you will. Those who enjoy gambling no longer have to travel to a land-based casino to do it. They can log onto iGaming websites from their desktop computer or mobile device and play the same range of games, if not more, from the comfort of home, or wherever an internet connection is available.

Over the years, since the internet gambling industry first appeared in the late 1990’s, Canadians have had no trouble accessing real money casino games. The technology has progressed. Popular operators have come and gone from specific regions, due to changes in the regulatory climate. But overall, Montreal online blackjack and slots have always been accessible, and in abundance.

Montreal Online Blackjack and Slots – The Early Years

In the early days of internet gambling, accessibility was a constant. For anyone old enough to gamble in Montreal, online blackjack and slots games were in no shortage, with more than enough operators out there to meet the high demand.

The first regulatory changes came in late 2006 when the US government took steps to criminalize online gambling with the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This caused some operators to flee the region’s market, but had no notable effect on the way Canadians played casino games over the internet.

A few years later, Quebec followed in the previous footsteps of its neighbors in British Columbia. The BCLC had dipped its fingers into the iGaming industry in 2004 with the launch of PlayNow, providing its citizens with a regulated gambling website and collecting much needed tax dollars along the way. Quebec did the same, launching EspaceJeux in December of 2010.

Decisions, Decisions

From that moment on, Montreal’s vast population of adult gamblers were able to choose. They could play casino slots and other real money games at the province’s own self-regulated website, or continue venturing to offshore gaming sites.

For most, the choice was an easy one. They elected to conduct business with international operators. While the home-grown variety did (and still does) attract a lot of players, operators that weren’t bound by the laws of Quebec have historically presented their players with much greater opportunities.

In terms of promotions, playing Montreal online blackjack and slots at overseas websites provides phenomenally better rewards. Based on local law, Quebec’s provincial website offers no incentives for players to join, deposit or become loyal VIP members. Offshore operators, on the other hand, still deliver enormous bonus packages to new players, reload bonuses for repeat depositors and loyalty schemes that deliver unlimited rewards.

EspaceJeux does have its appeal though. Being a local commodity, cashout times are generally faster. Home-based regulation also ensures a safe online gambling environment, whereas international operators could be here one day, and gone the next.

That’s where the experience of a veteran iGamer comes into play.

Due Diligence In Offshore Gambling

Online casino players who know the business, know what to look for in internationally regulated gaming sites. Just because a Montreal online blackjack and slots casino isn’t regulated within Quebec, doesn’t mean it’s not regulated by a responsible authoritative body.

There are numerous factors to be considered, and they go well beyond what types of promotions a player can redeem. It’s important to know where a site is regulated, where its software is licenced, and how long it’s been in business.

Royal Vegas, for example, has been a proud member of the online gambling industry since 2000. Having received no major complaints in the last 17 years, its reputation is unparalleled.

Its operator, DigiMedia Ltd, holds multiple, up to date licences from the highly distinguished Maltese Gaming Authority. Its software supplier, Microgaming, is also licenced by the MGA, as well as the UK Gambling Commission, and is certifies safe and fair by eCOGRA, the benchmark for iGaming responsibility certification.

When players know what to look for in a secure and wholly trustworthy online casino, they can enjoy all of the finest opportunities available to Montreal online blackjack and slots fans.

Quebec’s Failed Attempt To Block Offshore Gambling Websites

In 2016, Quebec made an unprecedented move, passing a bill that sought to block the IP addresses of known offshore internet gambling operators. The province claimed its intentions were pure, stating that the protection of its citizens was the sole catalyst behind the move.

That argument was quickly ripped apart by experts, who noted that legislators specifically stated just how much their tax coffers stood to gain by cutting off access to overseas competition while promoting passage of the bill.

In the end, it was decided that the province has no jurisdictional right to enforce an IP block. The nation’s telecommunications regulators stepped in, confirming it would take an amendment to the constitution to enforce such laws, and the matter has since been shelved.

It’s been suggested by multiple experts that Quebec would do better to open its doors to international operators, granting them the opportunity to apply for a regulatory licence to operate in the province – the same position the UK took in 2014, and has observed immense success with.

But for now, Quebec is still quietly looking for ways to legally eliminate their competitors, while the majority of players continue to frequent offshore Montreal online blackjack and slots casinos.

Trevor Hallsey