iCAP Re-Certification proves IGT Online Casino Games are Best in Class

NCPG iCAP Certification of Online Casino GamesIn today’s global internet gambling market, where regulation is rampant and player protection is of the utmost importance, responsibility certification means everything. It guarantees players that the online casino games are safe, fair, and that the development company adheres to explicit industry standards.

Today’s online gamblers are a lot more educated than they used to be. They know what to look for in a trustworthy operator. Proper regulatory licensing and software certification top that list, ensuring them that an internet gaming company is not facilitating predatory practices.

There are a number of third-party certification firms that provide their services to gaming systems companies, but only one that meets the highest possible standards for promoting responsibility. That title belongs to the Internet Responsible Gambling Compliance Assessment Program (iCAP).

In a press release that went out this morning, International Game Technology (IGT), one of the largest US-based developers of live and online casino games content, proudly announced its iCAP re-certification. IGT first passed the iCAP certification test in February 2016, and did so again when it resubmitted for compliance testing in February 2017.

“The iCAP certification provides assurance to operators and consumers that IGT’s business-to-consumer (B2C) websites and IGT platforms offered in the business-to-business (B2B) market are compliant with the Internet Responsible Gambling Standards (IRGS),” reads the press release.

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) first introduced the IRGS in 2012, developing what would become the highest standards for responsible internet-based gaming in the United States. The program meets, and in some areas exceeds, existing regulations enforced by other jurisdictions.

IGT Online Casino Games

When IGT applied for re-certification of its online casino games in early February, its software underwent a independent assessment of its online casino games software by UK-based Gambling Integrity.

GI is an agency that tests and approves only the highest efficiency player protection systems. The firm worked in tandem with the NCPG to verify that IGT casino games are operating in full compliance with the IRGS responsibility program.

GI Assessment Officer, Malcolm Bruce, commended the online casino games company for delivering a product that passed the firm’s strict testing phase with flying colors.

“The commitment and impressive efforts of IGT shine through at every level. From its Company policies, to its operational practice, IGT continuously improves upon the player protection standards within its software,” said Mr. Bruce.

“Our recommendation is that IGT aims to position itself as a thought leader in the responsible gambling community, as a role model for other vendors, and as a reliable mentor for its gambling operator customers,” he concluded.

The praises didn’t stop there. A commendation from NCPG is perhaps the hardest to obtain, especially since the organization typically promotes the cessation in gambling above all else.

“I would like to congratulate IGT on its successful re-certification. They have demonstrated a commitment to evaluation and improvement of their responsible gaming programs,” said, NCPG Executive Director Keith S. Whyte, who was enormously pleased with the performance of IGT online casino games.

IGT’s Giuseppe Portoricco, VP of Player Account Platforms and iLottery, commented on the re-certification of the company online casino games.

“Responsible Gaming is at the core of every IGT decision. Whether it is an interactive game or a new technology solution, we are guided by this principle,” he explained. “Our goal is to always promote responsible play while creating a fun player experience,” he continued. “iCAP is helping IGT achieve this objective.”


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