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3 New VR Slots Games we’d All Love to Play

Three VR slots games that would undoubtedly be major hits if developers created them. Imagine you were part of the creative design team atone of today’s major gambling software companies. Coming up with new game ideas can’t be an easy job, especially when thousands of ideas have already been utilized, some in arguable over-abundance. I’d be willing to bet each of you could come up with some type of slots game that you’re certain would be a huge hit. Maybe it would – maybe it wouldn’t. But I’d also be willing to bet the following three themes, if developed as new skill-based VR slots games, would do amazingly well. Guitar Hero VR Slots Game The producers of Guitar Hero found a cash cow in the VR gaming world. There have been so many Guitar Hero games and expansions released since 2005, with one for every video game console on the … Continue reading

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