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Canada Online Gambling Laws eerily similar to US

Internet gambling, in one form or another, is regulated throughout most of the world’s major countries. While many of those jurisdiction have a thriving market, like the UK and Australia, others have failed to meet the expectations of legislators who wrote the regulations. The entire continent of North America is a perfect example, and oddly enough, US and Canada online gambling laws are eerily similar. Could it be mere coincidence that the US and Canada have both generated well below the estimated revenue they thought internet gambling would generate? Or is it because both countries employ a near identical regulatory framework, proving that their methods of state-by-state, province-by-province, regulation and refusal to licence offshore entities just doesn’t work? US & Canada Online Gambling Laws The range of similarities between US and Canada online gambling laws are so ubiquitous, it can’t be mere coincidence. Both the US and Canada already had … Continue reading

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