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Competitive Skill Gambling 101

How to play real money skill games against other people. You may have noticed that, every few years, the gambling industry introduces something new and (usually) exciting. Slot machines slowly evolved from mechanical drums to feature-rich digital video slots. We went from land-based casinos, to online gambling, to mobile casino apps that go with us wherever we may travel. One of the latest and greatest introductions is the expansion of competitive skill gaming. I say expansion, because it’s not exactly a new type of gaming. People have been playing poker for centuries. No doubt, poker would qualify as a real money, competitive game of skill. But like most things in life, modern technological advancements have paved the way for revolutionary ways to play skill games against real people, for real money. What is Competitive Skill Gambling? By categorical definition, a competitive skill gambling game must integrate two necessary elements. First, … Continue reading

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