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Understanding US & Canada Online Gambling Licenses

US & Canadian Internet Gambling Jurisdictions by Province / State As promised in a previous segment detailing National Online Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions, today’s edition will cover more locally run regulatory bodies—specifically those in the states and provinces of the US and Canada—where online casino and/or poker games are locally operated. In these countries, the federal government has limited control over internet gambling laws. Both nations have decreed that gambling is not specifically legal or illegal, unless deemed so—one way or the other—by the state or province in which one resides. Therefore, the legality and regulation of internet gambling depends entirely upon where one lives in North America. We’ll give a brief run down of US and Canada online gambling licenses, where they exist, and what they permit. Important Note on Federal Gambling Laws United States: Unless otherwise legislated, online gambling is generally illegal in any US state where the activity … Continue reading

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Online Gambling Canada vs US in 2018

Regulatory Climate: US vs. Canada online gambling in 2018 We have a lot in common with our neighbors to the south. We both live in free countries, with federal and provincial/state governments scripting our laws. Canadians and Americans share a lot of cultural and social values, and we have similar industrial interests. But there are a lot of differences too, especially when it comes to the legalities of internet gambling. As for which has the better iGaming model, that’s a highly debatable issue. It really depends on what types of wagers you like to place, and in what jurisdiction you live. US vs Canada Online Gambling Laws – Similarities The most significant thing we have in common with the United States is that neither of our federal governments like to deal with the issue of online gambling directly. Both have identified gambling as an illegal activity, unless authorized by a … Continue reading

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