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Owners Explore Betting on Formula One Car Racing

There are many types of automobile races that attract adrenaline-pumped crowds. We have everything from stock cars and motorcycles, to muscle cars and monster trucks. They all garner modest appeal from the general public, but none quite so much as the world’s most popular form of racing, Formula One. The cars that compete in these races come from a whole different breed of vehicular innovation. Formula One is generally considered the most sophisticated class of auto racing, especially popular in European cultures, where a typical, mid-tier car can cost around USD $120 million to fabricate. These aren’t your standard racing vehicles, by any means. They are custom built from start to finish, with a single, compact seat and enough aerodynamic physics to reach speeds of 240+ mph, even around turns. If a stock car tried that, it would spin over the stands faster than a tornado roaring through the Texas … Continue reading

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