Poor Gift Card Choices For Gambling

It seems like we talk a whole lot about gift cards that come in handy for online gambling, and since that’s really what our website is based on that’s probably a good thing. There are many gift cards out there on the market that fall into a completely different category, however, and receiving one of these under the Christmas tree might really hurt your feelings. Here are the three worst possible gift cards to receive from a relative or loved one-

Restaurant Gift Cards

On one hand, restaurant gift cards seem like a really god idea because you’re forcing a friend or family member into going out to dinner at a place you really enjoy. The problem with that thinking though is that your favorite food may not be anywhere near what they like to eat, and taking away their options when you’re not sure is just plain stupid. That’s like giving someone a screwdriver to open a bottle of beer; it will technically work but it’s going to be a huge pain in the butt as well.

The other thing you probably didn’t know about restaurant gift cards, however, is that most of them expire within 6-12 months of purchase. To make matters even worse, the date is often not printed on the card itself and some places start the clock ticking long before you ever buy the gift card in the first place. Now, to be fair, most restaurant managers will honor expired gift cards if it was issued by their company, but a Visa or MasterCard gift card never expires. Why take that chance?

Vacation/Travel Gift Cards

The exact same argument can be made here; who says that your relative will want to go to the Bahamas (or any other gambling destination that you enjoy) and spend the weekend? People do not like gift vacations nearly as much as you’d think because there can be all kinds of variables involved; booking restrictions, blackout dates, hidden service fees, and a number of other problems. Instead, just buy your loved one a gift card that is backed by an internationally recognized logo, and then tell them that they are going to take a vacation with it. Everyone’s happy and the unforeseeable problems no longer have anything to do with you.

Catalog/Specialty Store Gift Cards

Nothing irks people more than when they receive a gift card to somewhere that they have never heard of, and most of the time those kinds of gifts end up going straight into the trash can. Now, the store or outlet may well sell fabulous merchandise at a fraction of the retail cost, but that does not mean that your friend/relative will have any interest in shopping there. In fact, most people would consider it rude if you purchased them a gift card from a store that they do not frequently shop at because they would feel like you are trying to tell them that they’re not as smart as you are or that they need to refine their overall style. Instead, skip the insults and just buy them a Visa/MasterCard gift card from a reputable outlet.

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