Lovers Quarrel in ON Court over $6M Winning Lottery Ticket

Ontario boyfriend leaves after winning the lottery for $6 million. Ex-girlfriend now suing for half the prize.

Winning the Lottery leads to Court BattleWhat would you do if you won the lottery? Suddenly, you’ve got $6 million in the bank. Would you buy a house? A new car? Maybe you would tie the knot with your long-time, live-in lover and go on an extraordinary honeymoon. You might, but not this guy…

Maurice Thibeault of Chatham, Ontario had a different plan. After winning the 6/49 lottery for just over $6 million, he hit the road, and fast. So fast that he didn’t bother informing his girlfriend that he was leaving.

Boyfriend Leaves After Winning the Lottery

Mr. Thibeault and his now ex-girlfriend, Denise Robertson, were together for a very long time. They had been living together for more than two years. Was it a happy relationship? Who knows… the news reports haven’t given any indication in that regard. But one thing is for certain. It was not a happy break-up.

The lucky lottery ticket was purchased by Mr. Thibeault nearly three months ago. It was one of two 6/49 lottery tickets that won the September 20th drawing, worth $12 million.

According to Ms. Robertson, the couple had a verbal agreement to share any lottery winnings. She says they always shared previous prizes, and she sees no reason why they shouldn’t share this one.

“I keep hoping that Maurice will simply do the right thing and acknowledge our agreement to share, knowing that he would have expected me to share with him if I had been the one to go to the store that day,” says Ms. Robertson.

Ontario Courts Will Decide Rightful Owner

Mr. Thibeault doesn’t seem to be acknowledging the aforementioned, alleged agreement. So she’s retaining the services of attorney Steve Pickard to fight for her half of the prize in court.

Pickard took immediate action, lodging a complaint with the OLG laying claim to half of the prize money. The OLG responded with what is being seen as good news by his client, but bad news from a legal perspective.

The good news is that the OLG agreed to withhold the other $3 million in lieu of court proceedings. Pickard says that Ms. Robertson is taking this as a positive indication, “that they’ve got enough evidence to think it’s not clear that he’s entitled to that (other half)”.

The bad news, however, is that OLG says the remaining $3 million, which she did not dispute in the claim, will go to Mr. Thibeault “on or about Dec. 30, 2017”.

“Mr. Thibeault will have the benefit of his half of the winnings to fight Ms. Robertson’s legitimate claim to her half,” Pickard notes with unmasked discouragement. “Ms. Robertson will have to rely on her own resources to ensure that she is heard fairly in these proceedings.”

OLG to Pay Rest of Winning Lottery Ticket in 45 Days

The letter from the OLG declares that it will pay the remaining $3 million prize in 45 days. Who will that money go to? Apparently the OLG doesn’t care, and intends to wash its hands of the situation. It will issue a check to the courts if time expires prior to an arrangement.

“If the OLG is not advised of a resolution of these matters within 45 days of this correspondence, OLG shall pay the disputed prize share into court on notice of both you and Mr. Thibeault,” reads the notice.

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