Canadian Casinos Accepting Prepaid Cards And Vouchers

Not everyone has access to a credit card or a bank account, which makes buying things online (or making online gambling deposits) a much more difficult task. However, several companies have come up with innovative solutions in recent years that seek to change this by allowing individuals to pay for cards or vouchers, then use those prepaid items to make purchases online.

Online casinos have begun accepting several of these products as an alternative way for players to make deposits into their accounts. If traditional deposit methods just aren’t working for you, you might want to check out a prepaid card or voucher program.


Best Casinos Accepting Voucher Cards, Ukash, etc..

How to Deposit Using a Prepaid Option

There are a number of different prepaid deposit methods out there, but they all work in the same basic manner. First, you’ll need to purchase a card or voucher. Often, this can be done from a retail vendor in your local area; in other cases, you may even be able to make your purchase online, which can be helpful if you have a credit or debit card, but it can’t be used for online gambling purposes.

Once you’ve secured your prepaid product, you’ll want to log into your casino account. Find the product you’re using among the listed options in your casino’s banking area. You’ll be prompted to enter the information from your voucher or card, as well as the amount you want to deposit. Once you submit your deposit request, it should be immediately processed, and your money should be available for play instantly.

Casino Sites and Prepaid Deposit Options

These days, nearly every online casino offers at least one or two prepaid options, but the exact options can vary from site to site. Here’s a quick look at a few of the online casinos we often recommend, along with the prepaid options Canadians can use at each:

  • William Hill Casino (Ukash, My E-Money Purse)
  • Europa Casino (Ukash, My E-Money Purse)
  • Spin Palace (Ukash)
  • Royal Vegas (Ukash, My E-Money Purse)

Why Use a Prepaid Deposit Method?

While the process of using them can be somewhat awkward, there are several major advantages to using a prepaid card or voucher. For one, it offers players a way to essentially deposit using cash, thus avoiding any use of their bank account or credit cards. If you have a local Ukash office nearby, for instance, you can simply buy a voucher in cash, then use the voucher to make your deposit. This is also convenient for those who want to use a credit card, but can’t do so directly – the voucher can act as an intermediary, allowing you to make the deposit indirectly.

In an interesting way, prepaid cards and vouchers can simultaneously be extremely secure and dangerous to use. They essentially work like cash, so none of your personal data is ever in danger; even if a card or voucher gets stolen, you’ll only lose the value stored on the card. However, like cash, if you lose a prepaid product, it’s pretty much gone; you’ll rarely be able to recover any of the funds that were on the product once you’ve lost it.

Popular Prepaid Products

There are essentially two prepaid products marketed towards Canadian players (with several others available in other parts of the world that you can use if you happen to visit or spend time in a place where they are offered). The more popular one is Ukash, a voucher system that has offices throughout Canada. One great aspect to Ukash is that some casinos will even allow you to cash out in Ukash vouchers, which can be redeemed wherever the vouchers are sold.

The other is My E-Money Purse. They are less versatile than Ukash vouchers, but are still a great option if your credit or debit card won’t work at the casino of your choice.

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