Video Poker Using Gift Card

So, you’re ready to start your journey as a professional gambler with that $30 gift card you received for Christmas; good for you. Now, don’t think that we’re trying to make this a laughing matter because we know exactly what it feels like to place that first wager in Bet365; excitement, mystery, and triumph all rolled into one single little hand. The truth of the matter is that the only difference between you and a professional is your betting strategy and we’re going to take care of that right now.

Gift Card Video Poker – Starting Out

One of the most exciting things about video poker is that every machine is slightly different, but it is also one of the biggest downfalls for new players as well. Before placing even a single bet, your initial job at Bet365 is to read every single word in the section about payouts, bonuses, free spins, and jackpots. Several modern video poker machines are very close in relation to slots; the key to winning is in creating a strategy for each particular game.

For example, let’s say you pick a machine that gives bonus rounds every time you make a flush. When a deal comes with four spades and the values of K/K/10/6/4, do you keep the guaranteed payout on the kings or do you press your luck? The answer is simple and it never changes; always go for the game’s built in bonus if you have three or more cards towards it. Any other time, take the guaranteed payout.

Gift Card Slot Machines- Starting Out

The exact same rules apply to slot machines at Bet365; start by reading the rules so that you know exactly how the bonus rounds work. On many of their machines there will be a time to up your bets to give the highest possible payout when the free spin feature is close to activating; there are also times to lower your ante to the bare minimum. All of this is found on each slot machine’s page at the Bet365 website.

Wager Amounts

A trick that a lot of online casinos use it to make it appear that betting more per round will increase your chances of winning, but in all reality the odds stay exactly the same. The only time a higher wager helps out is if you hit a bonus round with free spins; the rest of the time it pays exactly the same (at your bet’s multiplier, of course). When betting on video poker or slot machines with gift cards, always start by betting either the lowest possible amount or 1/20th of your overall buy in.

After betting several rounds and getting comfortable with the concept, if you’re winning then it’s perfectly fine to raise your ante to a higher stake if you’re betting with the casino’s money. If you’re breaking even or losing, consider dropping down to the minimum until your luck turns around.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, your overall chances of winning money at Bet365 are much better if you choose video poker over slot machines, simply because the slots hold back a large amount of cash to payout to the big winning combinations. Regardless of the path you ultimately choose, you should pick a machine that has a lower top payout and plenty of basic winning combinations…even if they are simply free spins or break-evens.

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