Canadian Ukash Casinos

One of the more innovative funding methods available to Canadians who wish to transfer money into their online casino accounts is Ukash. This voucher system is one of the few ways available that works almost completely outside of the standard financial systems that process most transactions. This means you can make your deposits without giving any financial information to the online casino.

Making Ukash Deposits

In order to make a Ukash deposit, there are several steps that must be taken. First, you must purchase a Ukash voucher in the amount that you’d like to deposit to the casino. This can be done in two ways. First, there are many retail outlets throughout Canada and over 30 other countries that sell Ukash vouchers. These vendors have the advantage of allowing you to make a purchase in cash or by other methods. In addition, Ukash vouchers can also be purchased from authorized online vendors.

Once you have your Ukash voucher, it’s time to make your deposit. Log into your account at any online casino that accepts Ukash, and enter the banking area. You’ll see Ukash listed as a deposit option. Choose the Ukash option, and you’ll be prompted to enter the 19-digit number that appears on your UKash voucher, along with the amount of money you plan to deposit. Once your transaction is approved, you’ll see the money appear instantly into your casino account.


Best Casinos Accepting Ukash

Ukash has become a popular way for casinos to take deposits from their players. Today, most online casinos offer a Ukash deposit option to their players. Here’s a list of a few of our top casinos who accept Ukash vouchers for deposits:

  • William Hill Casino
  • Europa Casino
  • Royal Vegas
  • Spin Palace

Is Ukash Safe?

Ukash is an exceptionally safe method for making online casino deposits. Your personal data is completely protected, as you’ll only need the information on your voucher in order to make a deposit. Considering that you can purchase Ukash vouchers using cash, and that some casinos even offer withdrawals in the form of Ukash vouchers, it’s possible to avoid giving any personal banking or credit card information out at all while utilizing Ukash.

The only danger when using Ukash is the same one that cash itself has: if you lose your voucher, there’s no way to get a replacement. Treat Ukash vouchers like cash, and you should have no issues with security or fraud.

The History of Ukash

Ukash was launched in 2005 by a UK-based firm named SmartVoucher Ltd. It was designed to allow customers to make purchases online using cash. Today, customers can purchase vouchers in 33 different nations, and then use those vouchers to make purchases or cash transfers online through a variety of different vendors, including at online casinos.

Ukash has also launched a number of secondary products that take advantage of the Ukash system. These include Ukash Neo, who can transform a voucher into a prepaid MasterCard, and Ukash Payout, which some online gambling sites use to transfer winnings to players.

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