BC Lottery Winners’ Fun Way to Share the News

BC Couple Winning 6/49 Lottery Shares News w/ Telephone GameBC Couple Winning 6/49 Lottery Shares News w/ Telephone Game

There are countless people who purchase lottery tickets on a regular schedule. Some then watch as the lottery numbers come in on live TV. Others wait and scan their tickets at the local store to see if they’re worth anything before tossing them in the waste bin. Whatever your method, there’s one thing we can all understand, and that’s just how unlikely we are to hold a ticket, knowing it’s worth a life-changing amount of money. For Donald and Janice MacDonald of Victoria, BC, that rare dream became reality one one fateful Wednesday in July.

That’s not the most interesting part of the story, though. The MacDonald’s didn’t just win the July 28, 2021 6/49 Lottery. They didn’t just learn they were $1,000,000 richer. This couple came up with one very unique and fun way to share the news with their very best friends.

BC Couple Winning 6/49 Lottery Shares News in a Game of Telephone

After celebrating their epic, 7-figure win with each other, the BC couple decided they had to tell their friends. Not just any old friends, but they’re absolute closest friends. Instead of calling them up on the telephone, they thought it would be a lot more interesting to tell them over dinner, with the old children’s game of the same name.

“We took two couples out for dinner”, Janice recalls the events of that memorable evening. They made it through the main course without cracking, saving the ‘sweet’ news the dessert portion of their meal. At that point she suggested to the group, “Let’s play a game of telephone.”

“That’s the one where you whisper something in their ear and then they whisper it in the next person’s ear,” she explained in her media interview with BC Lottery Corp. “We told them they couldn’t react to what they heard. It was so fun watching them hear it and try not to react!”

“I Thought I Had Won $1,000… There Were a Lot More Zeros!”

Mr. MacDonald went on to share more details of the couple’s big lotto win. He says they were “stunned” when they found out just how much money they’d won. He was standing in the Shoppers Drug Mart on Royal Oak when the scanner revealed a few more digits than he first thought.

“I thought I had won $1,000 and then I put my glasses on and realized there were a lot more zeros!”

When asked if the two had any plans yet for their newfound wealth, Donald said he’s in no rush to spend it. “We will probably do a little bit of celebrating. We are going to take it slow and think about the best way to spend the money.”

This latest winning 6/49 lottery ticket brings the amount of BC Lottery prizes I 2021 to more than $60 million. The nationwide lottery draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday evening, with each and every drawing guaranteeing at least one million-dollar prize winner.

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