Month Long Slots Tournament at Canada Online Casino

Here it comes, the last month of summer. While the kids are soaking up the sun, squeezing every last bit of enjoyment from the waning solstice, there’s something extra special for the adults to look forward to as well. Red Flush, a premier Canada online casino, is all set to kick off its 7th annual, month long Slots Survivor World Series tournament, and it all starts tomorrow.

For the entire month of August, members of Red Flush Casino can be grinding the virtual one-armed bandits for their share of the slots tournament’s largest prize pool ever, exceeding $150,000 worth of cash prizes, loyalty points and material gifts to be awarded each week. For the first three weeks, the top qualifiers will win cash and loyalty points, leading up to the finals, where the last standing survivors compete for the most valuable of prizes.

The Slots Survivor tournament costs nothing to enter and is open to all real money casino players at Red Flush. The only requirement to compete is to opt into the tournament by registering an alias for the event. Slots Survivor is a leaderboard competition, meaning that every wager placed on the slots throughout the promotional period counts towards earning points on the leaderboard.

Players will have to work hard to earn those points, but if that weren’t the case, the name ‘Survivor’ wouldn’t be very appropriate, now would it? There are several ways to gain points. The first, obviously, is to play the online slots at the Canada online casino. Every $100 USD (other currencies are converted to USD for point calculation) wagered on the slots grants the player 1 point. For every $100 USD deposited to the online gaming site, another point is earned.

To expedite point earnings, players are advised to spin the reels on Fridays and Saturdays, when all points earned are doubled. The fastest way to earn points, however, is to play the online slots for 4 consecutive days, worth a whopping 100 points!

Earning the 100 points reward for playing the online casino slots for 4 consecutive days is all-but requisite in order to stay in the series week by week. Players must earn a minimum number of points in order to qualify for the next week’s competition. Week one mandates a minimum of 75 points in order to advance, and it only gets more challenging from there.

Points earned for wagering on the Canadian casino’s slots are automatically displayed on the leaderboard. However, points awarded for deposits and consecutive days of play do not appear until the end of the week, adding an extra element of excitement to the Slots Survivor World Series as it’s anyone’s guess how the leaderboard will conclude when it’s time to dish out the weekly prizes.

The finals will take place over the last two weeks where only 20 of the highest points earners will qualify for the right to compete in the last stages of the series. Of these 20, only 5 will go on to win the fantastic line-up of prizes Red Flush Casino is pledging.

“It’s going to be the biggest Slot Survivor tournament ever held, filled with edge-of-your-seat action as our players from all around the world battle it out,” intoned Alex Roberts, promotions manager for Red Flush Casino. “The tournament promises to be exciting… and only the strong will survive.”

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