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Welcome to the slots section of, a gathering of information on everything it takes to play and win casino slot machine games. The insights collected here are based on meticulous research and decades of experience on slot floors across four continents.

Beginning with the basics, we will take you through topics to consider before ever sitting down to play, how to choose the right slot machine, and the rules that govern slot play. There are also sections on slots rarely covered elsewhere on the Internet, such as the legality of owning your own slot machine and what it takes to maintain one for recreational or business use.

We hope you will spend some time becoming familiar with the fascinating history of slot machines and the companies that have evolved them over the past century. You are invited to take a peek inside the machines to see how they work, too, from mechanical hooks, kickers and control cams to computerized random number generators.

Of course the main focus of this section is making sure that you are provided with all of the tools necessary to help you turn spinning into winning. There is a lot of cash to be claimed by those who know what they are doing on a slot floor. In order to prepare yourself to become a big winner and have a lot of fun en route, simply read on.

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Many Kinds of Slots

The pages here will introduce you to all types of slot games. We look at mechanical slot machines and video slots, from the classics with three reels to the big money progressives and the very latest bonus slots. Apart from information on U.S.-style “one-armed bandits,” sections are provided on the Fruit Machines so popular in the United Kingdom and even the unique slot games of Japan.

Using these web pages, you can discover not only the difference between loose and tight slots, but also how to locate them on the casino floor. We reveal many of the mysteries surrounding slot play and explode Slot Myths that have been misleading players for years. A list of useful reminders about Slot Etiquette is provided, too. In short, no aspect of slot play has been left out.

We encourage you to treat this web site as a tutorial, leading through all of the various aspects of slot play that might be encountered in a modern casino. The better informed you are, the more likely you will be to win and avoid potential losses, so browse every section, pick up every bit of good advice offered, and then take it straight to the bank.

Help for Experienced Players

Unlike most of the slot machine-related web sites currently available, we do not stop at basic introductions. We also delve into the complexities of slot play, such as how to calculate Slot Odds and methods of evaluating Slot Payouts. Those who don’t enjoy math will appreciate how the information is broken up into manageable pieces that can be easily understood by anyone familiar with slot play. Knowing the numbers can really provide an edge and help players steer clear of the many traps and pitfalls that exist.

Our section on Slots Strategies keeps it real—none of the hocus pocus so often offered as “ways to win.” Every bit of advice is based upon circumstances within the player’s control, not beyond it. There is a long list of Slot Tips, too, garnered from many sources and long years of experience. No fluff, just the good stuff. And our cautionary report on Slot Machine Cheating may surprise even those who believe they’ve seen it all.

Far Beyond the Basics

For those who think playing slots is just about sitting in front of a machine, feeding it cash and pushing buttons, the section on Slot Tournaments may be an eye-opener. This is where the social side of slot play is explored, where big money can be won for small investments. Unlike poker or blackjack tournaments, these are not just for pros and top rated amateurs. Absolutely anyone can strike it rich by following a few simple guidelines.

And playing slots cannot be separated from the environment in which the activity occurs. Our section on Slot Personnel provides a look behind the scenes at how a casino Slot department is organized, describing not only who’s who but what experience they have and how much they are paid. There are even some pointers on how to find a job.

One other area treated in detail is Slots Reward Programs. We show you how to “win without winning” and take advantage of a casino’s boundless generosity—or at least its free drinks, bonus cash, and comps. Here is truly something for everyone here at Real Money Slots. So dig in, bone up, and have a doggone good time as you spin your way to the wealth that lies ahead.

Overview of the Slots Industry in Canada, Live & Online

When Canada’s Criminal Code was amended in 1969, the nation’s ten provinces and three territories gained authority over gaming activities within their boundaries. Slot machines and video lottery terminals (VLTs) were among the very first forms of gambling introduced and they have proliferated throughout the country, numbering some 31,000 units by 2001 and increasing to 87,000 units by 2011. Virtual versions are also available online now, too, with well over four thousand different slot games available to players based in Canada.

Competing Market Segments

Land-based slot machines can typically be found in either of two locations—on the floors of local government licensed casinos or at horse racing facilities referred to a “racinos.” For the classification purposes, revenues generated by slots found in casinos are treated as income from as “gambling” activities, while those associated with racinos are viewed as a part of “spectator sports.” Unlike many European nations, Canada has no provisions for stand-alone slot arcades. And unlike such American states as Nevada, provinces do not license slot machines to traditional non-gaming establishments like convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations or restaurants.

Ontario is a good example of how slots are concentrated within the two competing market segments. The province has a dozen casinos offering slot play, including a pair in Niagara Falls, the Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara, which together accommodate 3,000 and 1,600 slot machines, respectively. By comparison, there are 14 racinos scattered across the province, with the Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto housing 2,006 slot units, while the Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre and Raceway in Ottawa has 1,250.

While most of the casinos are operated by private companies under license, all of the racino facilities and a few casinos are managed by Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG), which is a crown corporation of the government of Ontario. Net revenues from all slots under the control of OLG are made available to the Government of Ontario for various purposes, including the provision of healthcare and the promotion and development of physical fitness, sport, recreation and cultural activities throughout the province, as well as for certain charitable and not-for-profit organizations.

Other Canadian jurisdictions have similar structures in place. With the exception of Alberta, which features concentrations of gaming venues in Edmonton and Calgary, the provinces and territories tend to license no more than one casino or racino per population center, which means Las Vegas-style “strips” or Atlantic City-like boardwalks do not exist. In Québec Province, for example, Montreal has 2,700 slots—all of them within the Casino de Montreal—while Québec City has just 262 units, all inside the Salon de Jeux de Québec.

Slots in Canadian Cyberspace

Online gaming cannot be offered by Canada-based companies unless licensed and regulated under provincial or territorial law. Until rather recently, the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake has been the only source of legal certification for slots websites and fewer than 100 have been registered to date. All of them are affiliated with major international software manufacturers, such as Playtech, Microgaming, RTG and 888, so the games are identical to those supplied by supplier-aligned gaming sites domiciled in Gibraltar, Malta and other locations, which number at least 789.

Of the estimated 4,707 slot games available to Canadian players online, there are 614 with progressive jackpots, 2,341 featuring bonus rounds and 2,911 with free spins. No fewer than 424 have instant play versions that require no download, and 2,728 offer autoplay mode. There are 749 “classic” slots with three reels. And among the most popular themes are animals, fruit/vegetables, oceans, treasure, adventure, ancient Egypt, magic, sports and fantasy.

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