Competitive Skill Gambling 101

How to play real money skill games against other people.

How to Play Real Money Skill Games against other PeopleYou may have noticed that, every few years, the gambling industry introduces something new and (usually) exciting. Slot machines slowly evolved from mechanical drums to feature-rich digital video slots. We went from land-based casinos, to online gambling, to mobile casino apps that go with us wherever we may travel. One of the latest and greatest introductions is the expansion of competitive skill gaming.

I say expansion, because it’s not exactly a new type of gaming. People have been playing poker for centuries. No doubt, poker would qualify as a real money, competitive game of skill. But like most things in life, modern technological advancements have paved the way for revolutionary ways to play skill games against real people, for real money.

What is Competitive Skill Gambling?

By categorical definition, a competitive skill gambling game must integrate two necessary elements. First, it must incorporate skill as the dominant factor. An element of chance (luck) can be present, but skill must supersede chance. Thus a more skilled player will have a distinct and discernible advantage over less skilled players. Second, it must pit two or more players against one another.

Blackjack cannot be classified as a competitive skill game because, despite common beliefs, it lacks both of these elements. No matter how many players are at the table, each competes only against the dealer, or the ‘house’, not other players. And although there is an element of skill involved, chance is, without question, the more dominant factor.

As I said above, poker is a competitive game of skill, although not all regulatory bodies agree with that assessment. True, the proverbial ‘luck of the draw‘ provides a significant level of chance. But if you ask any professional poker player – one who experiences a positive return on investment (ROI) – they’ll tell you skill is the dominant variable.

Other Types of Competitive Skill Games

There are many different types of competitive skill games, including some that date back through the ages. Chess is one, where skill is 100% responsible for the outcome. Checkers is the same. Backgammon is another, although chance exists within the toss of the dice.

The millennial generation grew up on video games. Their propensity to perform well in these games, employing highly adept skills in dexterity and reaction speed, gave birth to eSports. One of today’s most popular forms of competitive skill gambling, eSports are video game competitions between 2 players, or two teams of players. They’re so popular, there are international tournaments held all over the world.

Even famous social games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds have inspired competitive skill gambling. Games like these have been modeled into time-based and/or point-based competitions.

Video games of old are making a competitive comeback, too. In October, Gamblit Gaming debuted its new Pac-Man Battle Casino game at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Combining the classic table-top Pac-Man arcade with ticket-in/out and touch-screen technology, up to 4 players can compete for the high score, and the prize pool.

How to Play Real Money Skill Games

Skill gambling games are spreading like water in a cracked bucket. They’ve already been introduced at many major land-based casinos throughout North America, and they’ve been available online for years. Classic games like chess, checkers and backgammon were the first to appear for desktop and mobile, and others are being developed all the time.

To play real money skill games online, you’ll need to register an account with a reputable, well-regulated gaming website (to ensure your data and money is safe). Make a deposit, then sift through the available games and stakes for one that suits you. Remember, these games are dominated by skill. Make sure you know what you’re doing before putting any money on the line!

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