The Shameful Promotion of Gambling without Morals

UK vs Canada Gambling Laws – A Simple Comparison Turns Ugly!

UK vs Canada Gambling Laws - A Simple Comparison Turns UglyWelcome, and thank you for your interest in reading what I’ve written hear today, but I warn you, the information you’re about to read, while factual (on my end) and informative (to those vested in iGaming) also includes my own ranting over the irresponsibility of others who seek only dollar signs, ignoring the humane side of this unique and volatile industry. With that being said, if still interested, please continue…

I read an (arguably?) ill-conceived editorial today that had me scratching my head. I’m not going to name names or link to it for several reasons. First of all, I don’t wish to spread some of the ideals found within it. Secondly, it wasn’t a famous person or media outlet that published it. It was nothing more than a thoughtless online gambling affiliate looking to push some promotional links. But anyone working in this industry, at any level and for any cause, should know better than to treat gambling like a harmless entertainment source that should envelop the world over.

Whose Gambling Laws are Better?

This “journalist” wrote a comparison of UK and Canadian gambling laws as they pertain to both land-based and online casinos. They adequately assessed each regions controls over gaming activities, painting a picture of harsher rules in the UK that prohibit the construction of mega casinos anywhere in the jurisdiction. Only smaller to average size gambling establishments may be built, and operators must follow a strict regimen of laws and permits before doing so.

Canada is then lauded for giving its provincial authorities the right to choose when, where, and what size casinos to build within their respective border. The end result, being similar, has seen the larger provinces sparsely dotting their maps with smaller casinos, and zoning just a few special areas with larger, integrated resorts.

More Casinos = More Revenue for Governments

The writer’s position was, apparently, that because the UK is stricter, and doesn’t offer the same option to build mega casinos, their residents are inevitably turning to online casinos. He (or she) insinuates that the UK should allow many more casinos, of all shapes and sizes, to be built all across the land! The more the merrier, so to speak.

He goes on to opine that if people had more access to local casinos, they would not feel the need to gamble over the internet. It’s as if he’s suggesting placing casinos on every other street corner would solve a major problem. And it’s not just the internet gambler he wants to attract with all these new casinos.

The writer wants to make sure that the portion of the UKs population that is not computer, mobile or internet savvy has easy access to casinos, too. He argues that these unfortunate souls are unable to access the gambling amusements they so greatly desire.

Ignoring the Social Harms of Gambling

What irked me the most – if you haven’t figured it out yet – is the irresponsibility of the author, who clearly has no knowledge or care for the social harms associated with gambling. Most people have no issue with it, seeing casino games as just another form of paid entertainment. But for those who do experience anything from at-risk behavior to full blown addiction, it’s no frivolous matter.

The potential harm associated with gambling is the very reason that the UK does not condone mega casinos. It’s the reason casinos aren’t permitted on every other street corner. It is why anyone involved in the land-based or online gambling industry, in any way, shape or form, must be educated and conscionable enough to operate in a responsible manner.

This journalist was beyond irresponsible, going so far as to say, “such casinos would rope in the part of the population that is not necessarily internet savvy, further growing the industry and bringing more benefits to the country overall.” The fact that he used the words “rope in” proves how out of sync this writer is with the moral side of the business.

Shame on you, whoever you are that wrote this. Your unconscionable desire to make a dollar is everything that’s wrong with this business.

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