Determining Genuine Online Casino Reputation

Reputable online casinos and how to find them.

Finding Reputable Online CasinosOne of the greatest fears for any new online casino player is the safety of their money, and the security of personal and financial information. The unfortunate fact is, not every operator is trustworthy. Rogue sites do exist, and no one wants to learn to avoid them the hard way.

So many times, I’ve heard the lamenting tales of players who’ve lost a lot of money at disreputable gambling website. Everything was fine in the beginning. The operator appeared trustworthy. Making a deposit was so easy. The game play was entertaining and fair. But when it came time to withdrawal winnings… that’s when the trouble started.

In some cases, the operator will deny the winnings were rightfully won. Some will say the deposit is forthcoming, but day after day passes with no reception. Player complaints are met with assurance that ‘the cheque is in the mail‘. Sometimes, many weeks down the road, that cheque arrives. Other times, it never does. In the worst cases, the website will simply disappear into thin air, leaving players with no option but to give up.

The good news is, you don’t have to risk becoming a victim!

How to Find Reputable Online Casinos

There are ways to determine an online casino’s reputation without taking the tumultuous path of ‘trial and error‘. If you’re new to the game, listen closely to these tips on how to determine the real reputation of any online casino.

#1 Due Diligence Pays Off

The first step is to perform your due diligence. Search the web for the title of the casino you want to join. See what people are saying about it. One thing I’ve learned in the age of social media is that everyone loves to talk about their good experiences, and the bad ones.

There are some popular gambling forums out there where players congregate to discuss their game play. They talk about their biggest wins, their bad beats, and everything in between. If there’s a rogue operator out there, it won’t take long for the site’s reputation to appear on these forums.

The more players you see denouncing a site for slow or non-existent payments, the more you can trust that the information is true. At the same time, operators with a good reputation will get shining reviews from players.

#2 Don’t Forget Your Daily Grain of Salt

Be very careful where you’re getting your information. Forums with high traffic are a great place to gather unbiased opinions from real players. But take that info with a grain of salt. A single good or bad review isn’t always reliable.

If one person is bashing a website, for whatever reason, read between the lines for proof of their argument. Sometimes, a player will lose a lot of money and blame the casino, instead of themselves for betting irresponsibly. If there’s no evidence to back up their claims, they could be jaded by a losing experience. Continue reading to see if anyone is agreeing with their claims before trusting the information.

#3 No Solicitors, Please!

Much like the tip above, you can’t always trust the positive review of a single person, especially when it’s on their own website. There are thousands of online casino promoters out there who are paid to tell you how great a website is. Most of them don’t even play at the website(s) they’re promoting.

If you’re reading information, and it comes off like it was written by a car salesman, move along. They are only trying to sell a product.

#4 Longevity is Crucial

Last but not least, never join a brand new online casino. If it was launched in the last few weeks, or even months, it hasn’t existed long enough to develop a true reputation for security, trust and integrity. The most reputable online casinos are the ones that have been around for years, earning a long history of customer satisfaction.


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