Can Music make you Gamble more?

The psychological connection between music and casino gambling.

Psychology of Music and Casino GamblingThere’s a clear and discernible connection between music and people of all ages and cultures. Music plays a significant role in our lives. Perhaps more significant that many of us realize. And no doubt, marketing specialists in every industry are well aware of it.

Small children are lulled to sleep by soothing lullabies. Fitness gurus use music with an up-beat tempo to encourage high-energy workouts. Horror movie buffs snuggle a bit closer to their companion as the operatic intensifies. The doctor’s office waiting room, local casino, grocery store, even elevators—almost every one of them has music playing the background. You can rest assured, it’s intentional.

Music has the power to command our emotions, and our emotions have everything to do with our compulsions. No one likes waiting in line, but an enjoyable song or melody can make the wait seem so much shorter. A slow rhythm tends to lull us into ignorance of the passage of time, while cheerful tunes put us in a positive mood—one in which we may be willing to spend more money than we originally intended.

Connection Between Music and Casino Gambling

Walk into any land-based casino, and you can expect a cacophony of sounds to arrest your ears. The most notable are the pulsating reverberations coming from the endless banks of slot machines. Echoing every win, of any size, the sonorous ringing of bells and mimic of clinking coins is intended to impress upon every listener the potential for abounding wealth.

Aside from the incessant chiming and ringing, most casinos pump traditional music throughout the gaming floor as well. Some choose to play memorable tracks from the golden oldies for their senior slots fans. Others elect for more sanguine melodies, while others still go for soft, subdued tones, inducing pleasant pacification. What never wavers is the ultimate goal—to separate patrons from more money, the passage of time, or both.

It’s not just land-based casino that take advantage of our affinity for music. Online casinos do it, too. Within every game, a soundtrack has been intentionally chosen to incite a specific reaction. Table games are often imbued with the slow melodious type. Some actually attempt to mimic the sounds of a real casino, with cheerful tones and the incomprehensible chatter of voices in the background. You may even hear chiming slot machines in the distance.

Online Slots Take The Musical Cake

Speaking of slot machines, they have the most vacillating musical scores of all. It’s almost as if their creators aren’t sure what works best—fast and furious, or slow and languid. I’ve played games with similar themes that were everything from drowsily sluggish, to wildly over-dramatic.

In recent years, I’ve found myself more and more prone to actually mute the background music of slot machines because it’s either overwhelmingly annoying, or I find myself yawning—even nodding off. Clearly, not all games creators have gotten the exact science of it down. But there are some games out there that heighten the level of entertainment with a perfectly chosen score.

There is most definitely a psychological connection between music and casino gambling. As a responsible player, it’s your job to make sure that its effects are positive, without separating you from your intentions to manage your time and bankroll wisely.


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