5 Ways Web Wallets are Best for Online Gambling Payments

Online casino web wallet payments the right choice for industrious players.

5 Reasons Online Casino Web Wallet Payments are the Industrious ChoiceOnline gambling is a business that’s been growing at an exponential rate for the last two decades. There’s no indication it’s going to slow down anytime soon, either. The number one concern for players is safety—particularly the safety of their finances.

As online casino enthusiasts, we don’t mind taking a risk when we gamble. But we must refuse to take risks with our personal and financial security. This means choosing a payment method that is safe, secure, and 100% trustworthy. Many experienced players will agree, web wallets are best for online gambling payments.

Online Casino Web Wallet Payments

A web wallet, or eWallet, is an online payment processing company. They are like virtual banks. You set up an account, transfer funds into it from your bank—or link it to your bank account or credit/debit card for direct payments—then use it to make online purchases.

Chances are you’re already familiar with some of the top company names. They include distinguished brands like PayPal, ecoPayz, Neteller, and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). They’ve been operating in the online space for many, many years; some actually specializing in the online gambling payment sector.

Why Industrious Players Prefer Web Wallets

There are other secure payment methods out there, but there’s five very good reasons why the most industrious online casino gamers prefer web wallets above all else.

#1 Trust

Choosing a payment method with a solid and long-standing reputation for customer satisfaction is a great way to sustain peace of mind. Many online payment processors have built a strong rapport with customers—a level of trust newer companies simply cannot possess.

#2 Security

These companies operate on a security level parallel to that of government banks. No less than 128-bit SSL data encryption ensures all information sent over the server is impenetrably secure. Plus, users have the added security of never sharing their financial information with online gambling sites. Only the trusted payment processor is privy to that information, and will never share it with any third party.

#3 Reasonable Fees

Web wallets do charge a small fee for their services, but for the level of assurance they offer, it’s absolutely worth it. Making an online casino deposit is usually free, but cashouts will incur a fee, averaging 1.5%-3% of the amount withdrawn.

#4 Instant Payments

When using a web wallet to deposit, the payments are instant. You’ll have access to that cash in your online gambling account within seconds of confirming the purchase. Cashouts will take more time, but only because the casino websites mandate a 24-48 hour pending period before processing. After that, the cash arrives in your web wallet immediately. If you happen to sign-up for their free ATM card (most do offer them), you can have cash in hand same day.

#5 Availability

Online gambling operators know how important secure payments are to their customers. The most reputable sites will make every effort to provide a selection of online payment processors for their members. The range of options is a necessity, since not all online casino web wallets are available to everyone in every country.

PayPal and Neteller are available in most European regions, but not in Canada. Skrill is available in Canada, but not for online gambling purposes. The oldest and most trusted web wallet for Canadians is ecoPayz.

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