Make the Most of your Online Gambling Experience

Online betting tips and tricks for a safe, fun and rewarding experience.

Online Betting Tips and Tricks for a Safe, Fun and Rewarding ExperienceIn just over two decades, online betting has grown from a small eCommerce of questionable integrity, to a global, multi-billion dollar industry. Technology – in particular, the technology that secures internet transactions – has evolved into something the majority of the earth’s population trusts. As it turns out, cultivating trust was the key to cultivating a new generation of online and mobile gambling enthusiasts.

Those new to the experience may have some questions, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I would be more worried about those who dive in head first, no questions asked. If you’re asking those questions, you’re obviously concerned about personal privacy, security and the integrity of the sites with which you intend to do business.

It is for you that I offer today’s beginner’s guide to iGaming. Don’t worry, it’s not some long-winded instruction manual. It is a concise fact sheet meant to help point you in the right direction.

Online Betting Tips and Tricks for New iGamers

The following is a brief list of ways you, as a new member of the online gambling community, can ensure your own safety, and at the same time, have a positive and rewarding experience. Unless otherwise noted, these tips apply to all forms of online betting – sports betting, casino gaming, poker, bingo, skill games, etc.

#1 Know Your Operator

Online gambling operators have a KYC policy, meaning Know Your Customer. In order to stay in compliance with the regulations of their licensing jurisdiction, they must confirm the identity and eligibility of everyone who accesses their real money services. I believe players should hold their operators to the exact same standards; what I like to call KYO (Know Your Operator).

Take the time to identify the parent company. Investigate the license and regulatory demands of its jurisdiction. Not sure how to go about this? Take the short route – open a live chat window and ask a customer support rep for the answers. We, as players, must answer questions and show proof. Why shouldn’t they. If they can’t answer, move on to the next operator.

#2 Location, Location, Location

Where an operation is licensed is extremely important. If you’re in Canada, playing at an iGaming site regulated in your own province, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re gambling with an overseas website, each jurisdiction has its own rules to abide by. You can research them all, or follow this basic tip. European jurisdictions (Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta, UK, etc.) rank best, demanding strict player protections; South American jurisdictions (Costa Rica, Panama, Curacao, etc.) rank lowest, requiring little more than payment for a license.

#3 Play What You Know

Once you find that golden operator, don’t go wagering real money on any and every game you find. Play what you know. If you don’t know a casino or poker game, read up on the rules first. Play the free version when available. The same goes for sports betting. Stick to the sports and bet types you understand, or learn them first.

#4 Make Your Budget Last

Don’t go spending your entire entertainment budget all at once. If you don’t manage your bankroll wisely, you miss out on the entertainment factor. Set a budget. Divide it by the number of days you want it to last. Then divide it again by sporting events for sessions. For casino games, a session could be an amount of time, such as a half hour or hour, or a type of game to be played (blackjack, roulette, slots, etc.) When you know how much you have to spend per session, it is much easier to choose an appropriate betting size to ensure your budget will last.

#5 Make Smart Bets

It’s your money, and you can wager it on whatever you want. However, if you make smart bets, it will last longer. Bankroll longevity is very important in gambling. No operator is in the business of paying out more than they take in. The key to a rewarding iGaming experience is not to get more money back, but to get your money’s worth in entertainment. If I deposit $100 and lose it all in five minute son a slot machine, I’m not going to feel very good about the experience. But if I deposit $100, and an hour a day for five days playing all sorts of games before it runs dry, I will feel I’ve had more than my fair share enjoyment.

Pick games that you enjoy, and make smart wagers on them. Bet on straight sports events instead of parlays. Employ a basic strategy at the blackjack tables. Choose poker stakes within your budget and don’t be afraid to fold most of your hands. Smart bets, combined with the rest of our online betting tips and tricks, are the keys to any safe, fun and wholly rewarding iGaming experience.


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