Old Havana Casino Launches with Big Promos for New Players

There’s a new real money gambling site roaming the endless black hole that is cyberspace, working diligently to burn its name into the mental hard drives of online casino fans around the world. It’s called Old Havana Casino, and at the current rate of its marketing campaign, it has a great deal of potential to see rapid growth over the coming months.

How is one little online casino drawing so much attention? First of all, Old Havana Casino is putting a lot of time and effort into its promotional campaign to get the word out, attracting heaps of attention with a mega-size bonus for new players and continued promotions for any player who sticks around long enough to make subsequent deposits.

Before we look at any bonus, no matter how appealing it may seem, it’s always more important to look at the track record of any online gaming site you aren’t familiar with. In the case of Old Havana Casino, it’s a brand new gaming site, so we must peel back the outer layers, look beyond the surface to what lies beneath.

Old Havana Casino is powered by the sophisticated technologies of RealTime Gaming (RTG) and has the backing of a distinguished operator with remarkable longevity and an impressive history for customer satisfaction. The Mainstreet Group has been in operation since 1999, maintaining some highly respected online casinos that include Sun Palace, Las Vegas USA Casino and several others. One of the most intriguing incentives for players in North America is that the Mainstreet Group has maintained an unwavering commitment to USA and Canadian players throughout its existence.

Now about those promotions… Old Havana Casino is currently dishing out a generous 200% up to $5,000 first-time deposit bonus. That means however much a player deposits, they will have 3x that amount to start betting with (i.e. deposit $100, get $200 free, start with $300). For a limited time, using an MST Gift Card to deposit will tack another $25 free onto a claimed bonus.

In an industry with a typical deposit bonus that matches 100% up to a few hundred credits, the new player promo alone is an enticing proposition for bonus seekers. The majority of online casinos do not keep the rewards coming nearly as munificently as the initial offer. Old Havana Casino, on the other hand, rewards second-time depositors with another exceptional bonus worth more than $25,000. This one is a little more complicated.

The second deposit is granted a 125% match on any deposit of $20 to $100, with an additional 25% bonus appended on any amount over $100. Say that again? Okay. If you deposit $50, you get a 125% bonus of $62.50 added. But if you deposit $150, you would get a 125% bonus of $125 on the first $100, plus a 25% bonus of $12.50 on the additional $50; a total of $137.50 in bonus credits. The split percentage bonus is valid on any deposit of $20 up to $100,000, thus it is worth as much as $25,100.

New bonus promotions are announced on a weekly basis for existing members, so there is always something going on to increase a depositing players bankroll at Old Havana Casino. Do note, however, that these free casino bonuses are primarily geared towards USA and Canadian online casino players, and may not be applicable for citizens of other countries.

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