Canadian Online Casinos That Accept My E-Money Purse

My E-Money Purse is a prepaid card system that allows customers to purchase vouchers and then use those vouchers to pay for products and services online. By using an My E-Money Purse card, you can protect your personal information and securely make deposits at many different online casino sites.

How to Use My E-Money Purse

There are two ways to obtain a My E-Money Purse prepaid card. First, you can make purchases at a number of retail sales outlets around the world that sell the My E-Money Purse vouchers. Essentially, these vouchers are like scratch-off cards that reveal the 11 to 16 character code you’ll later use to make an online purchase.

My E-Money Purse cards can also be purchased through their online store. Vouchers can be purchased using a credit or debit card, by bank transfer, or (for French residents only) by check. My E-Money Purse cards can only be purchased in preset amounts, ranging from €25 to €100, though you can purchase multiple cards at the same time. You may choose to receive vouchers by e-mail, through the mail, or even get the codes sent to your mobile phone.

Once you have purchased your cards, you will now be able to make a deposit at the casino site of your choice. Log into your casino account and choose the My E-Money Purse option. You’ll now need to input the code on your My E-Money Purse voucher, as well as the amount you’d like to deposit (if it is less than the amount on your ticket, you can keep the remainder and spend it later). Once your payment has been processed, you should see your account credited with the proper amount instantly, meaning you can begin playing for real money.


Best Casino Accepting My E-Money Purse

Casinos Accepting My E-Money Purse

There is a small, but growing, number of online casinos that accept My E-Money Purse prepaid cards and vouchers for deposits. At the moment, we know of two reputable casinos that not only accept the My E-Money Purse cards, but allow you to deposit into your account in Canadian Dollars by using them. Those casinos are as follows:

  • Royal Vegas
  • William Hill Casino

Is My E-Money Purse Safe?

My E-Money Purse is a very safe method for making casino deposits. Because the cards are essentially designed for a single use, you can use them and then discard them without fearing that any of your personal information will be stolen; in addition, even if you do lose a prepaid card, or have one stolen from you, there is no risk of additional fraud or theft. Like cash, you can only lose the value that is stored on the My E-Money Purse card, and nothing else. With that in mind, it is best to treat your vouchers like cash – store them in a safe and easily accessible place, such as your wallet, for further use.

Advantages to My E-Money Purse

My E-Money Purse’s biggest advantage is that you will not need to repeatedly enter your personal information at a number of different casino sites in order to fund your accounts. Instead, you only need to share that information with My E-Money Purse, after which you’ll only interact with the casino sites themselves by using your prepaid cards. If you’re lucky enough to be in a country where My E-Money Purse cards are sold at retail outlets, you can even pay for them in cash – thus avoiding using any of your financial information at any point in the entire transaction.

Best Overall Canadian Casino with Easy Deposits : Royal Vegas


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