Max Damage; New Arcade Shooter at Microgaming Online Casinos

Microgaming’s Max Damage and Alien Attack resemble classic arcade shoot-em-ups of old. These games from the world’s leading online gaming software developer are two surprise packages in the expansive Microgaming roster.

Shoot-em-ups have been a fan favorite of video gamers for years. It’s actually rather amazing that it has taken this long for a superior games developer like Microgaming to produce a shooter arcade for its online casino licensees. In the same token, we were not surprised that Microgaming became the first to distribute a gambling amusement of this genre when these titles were released back in 2012.

With 6 lives to start each session, Max Damage and the Alien Attack puts the player in the driver seat of a fully-equipped, battle ready space ship with a single goal in mind; to protect planet Earth. An alien spacecraft is preparing to invade Earth and only you, the player, can save civilization from the impending genocide of the entire human race.

The player must utilize an extensive arsenal of weaponry to terminate the multitude of alien space ships as they advance. A complex battery of artillery includes special weapons like tactical nuke and powerful missiles, awarded for accomplishing specific goals. Players can exploit worm holes, shield boosters, life boosters, damage boosters and health meter add-ons to get the job done.

Each strain of alien space ship attacks continues until the player destroys enough adversaries without suffering ultimate defeat, at which time the next level is achieved, but don’t let a single alien ship get by or say bye-bye to one of those precious lives. There are 9 progressively challenging levels in all. The hardest levels of all are level 3, 6 and 9, where the player will encounter a particularly resilient nemesis. Conquering the boss in each of these levels awards special bonus points.

In traditional Microgaming form, the graphics are stunning and vibrant, combined with dramatic sound effects to draw each player more deeply into the experience. As an online casino game, it holds a lot more appeal than the your everyday, corporeal video arcade. Both require the insertion of money, but only Max Damage and the Alien Attack gives player’s the ability to win money back for their tactical achievements of progression.

“Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a radical departure from the conventional slot format,” explained an enthusiastic Roger Raatgever, Chief Executive Officer of Microgaming, “and we’re very excited about the potential for this new arcade-style game.

“At Microgaming we’re always looking for new ways to produce innovative content, so this move into a whole new style of game is particularly important to us,” Raatgever explained. “Fans of retro gaming will not be disappointed, while the top quality graphics are sure to please the whole spectrum of players.”

After a few trial runs through Max Damage and the Alien Attack, I’m happy to report that it very closely resembles – aside for the highly superior graphics and resonance – arguably the best video arcade shoot-em-up ever made – the 1981 release of Galaga! I’ve also discovered I’m a little out of practice.

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