Everything you need to know about Mastercard Casino Deposits

Mastercard casinos depositsAre you one of those people that likes having a lot of choices laid out before them? If so, you should certainly enjoy gambling over the internet. There are so many decisions, your head could be spinning faster than the reels on a slot machine. Which site should you play at? What’s the easiest way to deposit money? Which of the hundreds of games on the menu should you play first?

There are no obvious answers to any these questions, but if I had to pin-point each one, I’d say Royal Vegas, credit card and Thunderstruck II. Delving into the why’s and what for’s would necessitate a whole series of articles, though. So instead, we’ll focus today on a singular topic – Mastercard casino deposits – why we like them, and how they work.

Mastercard Casino Deposits

Mastercard LogoMastercard is a distinguished financial services company established over 50 years ago. Headquartered in the US, MasterCard works with more than 25,000 banking companies worldwide, issuing credit cards and debit cards to millions of people all over the globe.

The second most common credit card in the world (next to Visa), Mastercard is accepted by the vast majority of internet gaming websites as a trusted form of instant payment.

Mastercard Depositor’s Checklist

The following is a list of requirements associated with Mastercard casino deposits. In order to use this safe, secure payment method, make sure that:

– The online casino you’re playing at display’s the Mastercard logo (or check the Banking page)

– The online casino account, and Mastercard credit card, are both in your name

– Your available credit limit is sufficient to cover the desired deposit amount

How to Make Mastercard Casino Deposits

Using a Mastercard to deposit into an online casino account takes only a moment. You’ll start by registering the card with the operator via the Banking/Cashier section. Note that the card must only be registered one time. After that, the card will be available for selection from a drop down menu (see below), making it even more conventioneer to use for subsequent deposits.

To register your Mastercard for the first time:

1. Login to the casino website, go to the Banking page and click ‘Add Card’.

2. Fill in the necessary information (16-digit card number, name on card, address, expiration date) and press Continue.

With that done…

Making a deposit:

1. Your Mastercard should now appear in a drop down menu on the Banking page – select it.

2. Enter the amount to be deposited.

3. Enter the 3-digit CVC code from the back of the card.

4. Click Next to complete the purchase.

Your deposited funds will be instantly available for use in the online casino.

Using Mastercard for Withdrawals

Many casino operators will not facilitate withdrawals via Mastercard. If this is the case, you’ll need to choose a different method for cashing out your winnings. However, in a lot of circumstances, so long as a player has made Mastercard casino deposits already, they will be permitted to withdrawal up to the deposited amount back to their Mastercard.

Be sure to check the casino website’s written declarations on payment methods for more information.


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