Canadian Casinos That Accept iDebit

iDebit is a popular e-wallet program that allows players to quickly make purchases online by connecting their iDebit accounts to a payment source. In the case of iDebit Canada, the service allows Canadians to instantly make payments directly from a Canadian bank account. Best of all, the service is absolutely free to users, with no fees charged for either payments or withdrawals. This makes it an ideal deposit and withdrawal system for Canadian players to use

How Does iDebit Work?

In order to use iDebit to fund your online casino account, you’ll first need to register at the iDebit website. This process takes just a few minutes, after which you’ll have the opportunity to link one of your personal checking or savings accounts to your iDebit account. After verifying your email address, you’ll be able to begin using your iDebit wallet.

After you’ve completed the signup process, you can then use iDebit to make a casino deposit. Log into your online casino account and enter the banking area. Look through the list of deposit options until you find iDebit. You’ll be prompted to enter your iDebit account details as well as the amount you’d like to deposit.

Once you’ve submitted your deposit request, you should receive an immediate notification about the status of your deposit. If your deposit was successfully processed, your money should appear in your online casino account instantly.

Where Can I Use iDebit?

iDebit is widely accepted at the majority of online casinos and other gambling sites. Because of its ease of use and speed, it’s a favorite among both players and casino operators. Here’s a short list of casinos we recommend that accept iDebit deposits:

Best Canadian Casinos Accepting iDebit

Benefits of Using iDebit

The biggest advantages you’ll get from using iDebit are very similar to those you’d receive by using any e-wallet payment processor. In particular, you’re likely to appreciate the fact that you can use the same system to both make deposits into your casino account and withdraw your winnings through the same process. iDebit is fully equipped to handle all of your gambling transactions, provided you’re okay with using your bank account as a funding source. It can also be used to hold money in your iDebit account, which can allow you to quickly move funds from one casino site to another.

Another great feature of using iDebit is the knowledge that your personal data should be safe and secure at all times. One big worry that many players have when they start to look into online casinos is that of fraud or identity theft. While the processing systems used by casino sites are very secure, it’s certainly understandable that many people want to expose their personal information as little as possible.

iDebit helps in this regard. The only time you have to give out your bank account information is when you sign up for iDebit. After that, they handle the rest; the online casino sites will only see your iDebit account number, and your bank account information will not be transmitted to anyone – greatly reducing the already small risk of hackers gaining access to sensitive data.

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