Benefits of Bonus Hunting at Online Casinos

How casino bonus hunting gets you more bang for your depositing buck.

How Casino Bonus Hunting gets you More Bang for your Depositing BuckSometimes, the old saying that ‘less is more’ rings true. It’s better to have a few quality friends that have your back, than a large group of acquaintances who couldn’t care less. It may be possible to fit 500 decorations on a Christmas tree, but it would look less gaudy, and much more elegant with less. In such cases, it is a lesson well learned.

In most circumstances, though, we all believe that ‘bigger is better’. A bigger screen TV is more fun to watch. A bigger couch sits more people to watch that TV. A bigger family means more love to go around. And, the most obvious of all, a bigger bank account means its far easier to pay for all those bigger things we like.

As an extension of that theory, bonus hunting at online casinos is one way to ensure a bigger bankroll. If you only have $100 set aside to play with, an online casino’s deposit bonus can double that to $200 – twice the bets, twice the fun. With the benefits of bonus hunting being so apparent, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss how to hunt for a good casino bonus promotion.

Casino Bonus Hunting Tips & Tricks

Let’s start by differentiating between a good bonus and a poor one. It’s not always about the size or the dollar signs, but the true value found within its terms and conditions; in particular, the wagering requirements.

The wagering requirements (WR) refer to the total value of bets you must place in order to clear the bonus. The higher the WR, the less appealing a bonus becomes. For the average online casino, 30x to 40x WR is a good deal. Anything higher – and I’ve seen them as high as 80x – is a disgrace, especially considering the terms almost always call for WR on the deposit + bonus combined.

Let’s compare…
  • Casino A is offering a 100% up to $200 bonus with 35x WR.
  • Casino B is offering a 200% up to $500 bonus with 60x WR.

Which one do you choose?

If you go with Casino A, making a $100 deposit will grant you an extra $100 in bonus credits. In order to complete WR, you’ll need to wager the bonus + deposit 35x ($200 x 35 = $7,000). That’s $7,000 worth of bets you’ll need to place to clear that bonus and withdrawal the winnings, should you have any left.

If you go with Casino B, making the same $100 deposit will grant you a $200 bonus for a total of $300 in your bankroll. That’s an extra $100 to play with. However, the 60x WR means you’ll need to place (300 x 60 = 18,000) a staggering $18,000 in wagers before you can request a withdrawal on winnings.

This is the way most online casino bonuses work these days. If you look hard enough – hunt long enough – you just might find something better.

Finding a Better Deal

There are certain conditions that are easier on bonus hunters than others. Here are a few good things to look for:

Lower WR: If you find wagering requirements below 30x, check out the rest of the terms of the bonus. So long as the winnings will become cashable after WR completion, it’s worth a look.

WR on Bonus Only: Very rarely, you’ll come across an online casino bonus that only requires you to complete WR on the amount of the bonus, not the deposit+bonus combined. In these cases, the WR is usually higher, but if it’s under 60x, it could be a great deal.

No Expiration: Most bonuses expire after 30, 60 or 90 days. If you don’t complete WR before it expires, you lose it all. The worst bonuses expire after only 3-7 days, while the best ones do not expire at all.

No Withdrawal Limit: Be sure you know how much of the winnings from the bonus are actually cashable. Most will limit you to $100 or $200. Worst case scenario, the bonus never becomes cashable. In the best of cases, there is no limit to cashable winnings. At the least, you should be able to cash out a progressive jackpot, should you win one while playing through a bonus.

Conclusion – Output is Equal to Input

Casino bonus hunting isn’t for everyone. It’s a job, and like any job, the more effort you put into it, the more you can expect to get out of it. Most casino enthusiasts just take the bonus offers that come their way. Those who take the time to search for the best bonuses – the best deals – the best terms – they are the ones who get the most bang for their depositing bucks.


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