Three Un-Common Uses of Gift Cards

If you had to take a wild guess as to the most popular use of a gift card, what would you think it would be? Well, if you guessed anything other than becoming just another piece of random trash stuffed inside a drawer, then you’re starting out 0-1. The credit card industry loves gift cards because people rarely remember to ever use them, which makes the profit margins enormous in most industries. Here are three other un-common uses of gift cards that would make a lot more sense for you to consider-

Online Gambling

Let’s say that you have a $25 Visa gift card sitting around your house. It’s not enough to take the family to dinner with, it’s not worth using for minor purchases where you have to keep up with the remaining balance, and you’ve probably forgotten you had it in the first place twenty times. Instead of letting that card just go to waste, why not log into a reputable online casino like Bet365 and turn that little sum into something substantial?

Believe it or not, online gambling is almost perfect for gift cards because it keeps you completely anonymous while giving you all kinds of other benefits. The 100% instant deposit bonus at Bet365 makes that $25 turn into $50 in the blink of an eye, which literally gives you two to one odds on any even money bet. Those are our favorite types of odds; you just can beat gift card gambling.

Barter System

When I was a teenager, my church group used to bring us on all kinds of scavenger hunts and other types of activities. Well, one time we went out and played the barter game, which was to start with something almost worthless and see who could trade it over and over again to come back at the end of the night with the most valuable item.

Well, somehow this applies perfectly to gift cards as well, because people will automatically think, “Gee, that’s a guaranteed $25 or $50,” (whatever your card is worth). Meanwhile, they are not trying to collect retail for the items they are willing to depart with, so sometimes you can end up with a very expensive item for next to nothing.

Gift Card Auctions

This never ceases to amaze me either. Take a gift card, it doesn’t matter what, and list it on a website like eBay under the auction format. Now, you’d think a $50 gift card would sell for $35-40, but people will sometimes bid right up to the maximum face value…and that’s not including the shipping costs. Now, there’s no reason to auction a Visa gift card or something like that, but if it’s for a place called, “Chico’s Toilet Repair and Authentic Mexican Buffet,” you might as well get face value for it.

The thing is with auctions is that they are a lot like online gambling. People get caught up in the moment and their only goal is to not lose the overall prize…even if that item really isn’t worth having in the first place. If you’re not the auction type though, there are many websites out there that allow people to swap gift cards at a 1:1 value, meaning that you give your $30 Chili’s gift card for someone else’s $30 Levi’s card. It works great and you can actually get something useful if you’re stuck with a lousy gift card, so be sure to give it a try. Of course, Bet365 is still the smartest move…but that’s completely your call.

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