Security of Gift Card Deposits

A lot of people may think that gift cards are not all that they’re cracked up to be, but in the world of online gambling they can literally be a high roller’s best friend. Of course, we’re not talking about your Aunt Beatrice and that $10 gift card she gave you for your birthday either; professional gamblers actually go out and purchase gift cards for themselves all of the time. Here are the top five reasons why-

Invisible Security

A gift card is nothing like a normal credit card because it does not contain any of your personal information. Now yes, we realize Aunt Beatrice wrote, “Happy Birthday Pumpkin!” on the front of it, but we highly doubt that a cyber criminal is going to figure out your true identity unless they happen to know your aunt personally. Seriously though, gift cards make you 100% invisible when you are gambling online because there’s nothing to attach you to the actual deposit.

Name Brand Protection

For the sake of argument, let’s say that someone does figure out who pumpkin is and he steals every last penny that was on your gift card. If it was issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Laser, or any of the other big-named brands, your little gift comes with 100% online fraud protection…just like a normal credit card. All you need is the receipt of purchase and everything else will be taken care of for you. The security of gift card deposits at reputable online casinos like Bet365 leaves you nothing to worry about.


The feeling of knowing without a doubt that you are 100% immune to a criminal while you’re on the Internet is truly a rare feeling in today’s society; that’s exactly what you get with a gift card deposit though. It doesn’t matter if you enroll at an online casino called, “Suckers Only,” and it advertises that the blackjack tables paying 60 to 1 for beating the dealer, you’ll get your money back if it is not legitimate.

Helps Gambling Addicts

If you’re like some of our staff members and you struggle to know when to quit at the casino tables, then the security of gift card deposits protects you in a completely different way. Since you purchased the gift card when you were thinking clearly and not yet in gambling mode, that means that you probably chose a responsible amount to wager with. If the night ends up being a bad one then it’s easy to walk away because you set your gaming limits beforehand.

Instant Access

Another massive perk of gift card deposits is that they are almost always approved instantly. Since they are made for worldwide consumers that means they will not be coded for a certain region like normal credit cards are, so you are free to gamble at Bet365 or any other online casino without worrying about regional gaming laws. Now, we’re not recommending that you break your country’s laws or anything, but people get rejected with credit cards all of the time when they rightfully shouldn’t. With a prepaid gift card deposit, that problem goes away.

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