Roulette Using Gift Cards

Gift cards and roulette go together as good as peanut butter and jelly; everybody just loves the combination. When it comes to online casinos then it gets even better because that means you can gamble from your cell phone or your home computer whenever you want. There are no long drives, no rude bartenders, and definitely no required tips. It’s just you and the dealer on the internet, and this guide will teach you how to make that little gift card into an amazing profit.

Start at Bet365

If you’ve read some of our other strategy articles before then you know this is the part where we talk a little bit about Bet365. It’s not that we think it is the only awesome online casino out there or that every single game has the best odds in the industry; neither of those statements is necessarily true. The reason we pitch Bet365 over any other website is because it is the most complete gaming destination on the internet; from customer service to deposit bonuses to great graphics and payout procedures, nobody touches them overall.

Picking your Initial Wagers

The great thing about roulette is that almost anyone can win consistently with a little bit of luck on his or her side. There’s nothing to it; just pick a number or a betting category and watch that little ball spin around the wheel. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t; that just about sums up what every amateur thinks about the game.

Lucky for you that this is not an amateur site; we’re going to start you off with a much better betting strategy. Now, it really doesn’t matter if you want to bet colors, hi/lo, or even/odd, as long as you pick at least two out of the three and bet them consistently. That doesn’t mean you have to bet black and odd every single time once you start betting, but don’t go from that to red/low and then to black/even. Stick to two basic bets per round with even money on each of them.

Finding your Groove

After winning a little bit of money, now would be the time to start looking at the actual board or some of those line bets. As long as you’re betting with the house’s money then we’re not going to get mad at you, but as a point of interest we’d rather see you place larger wagers each round than adding more bets. The reason for that is simple; the best overall odds are the three basic bets.

Taking it Home

If you end up hitting a lucky streak and amassing a small fortune, then you’re probably going to be tempted to switch up your strategy a bit and start playing 2-5 numbers per spin. To put it as nicely as we possibly can; that’s the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard in our lives! To change betting patterns and expect the same results borders on insanity, and we know because we see insanity every day in one of our staff members.

The key to winning with gift cards is to always be consistent, avoid the sucker bets, and know exactly when you’re going to walk away. As long as you’re doing that, then you have an excellent overall chance of winning.

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