Gift Card Deals

Are you looking to change your internet provider? You might be surprised that there is a gift card available for switching. This is just one example of gift card deals. Qwest a couple of years ago was offering a gift card to new customers that signed up for certain internet deals. The gift card was offered as a payback amount for purchasing the DSL modem required for the internet hook up. Other companies have offered the same thing as an enticement to get your attention.

Barnes and Nobles is another example. To their customers that have signed up for email newsletters and promotions, they will occasionally send out an email stating if you purchase a $25 gift card for mother’s day or some other holiday, you can earn a $10 gift card for yourself. It can also say if you spent x amount of dollars online or in the store you can get a gift card.

Sam’s Club had a promotion where you had to purchase certain household gifts like toilet paper and paper towels to get a $10 to $40 gift card to use at the store for your next shopping trip.

Most of the gift card deals are going to ask you to purchase something from the company first. They may ask you to buy a certain amount in their gift cards to give to friends and family. They may ask you to buy certain goods. These goods may be on the list because the company wants to get rid of them or it could be a promotion to get your attention. Large items like toilet paper, TVs, electronics, and cleaning supplies are things we do not buy every grocery trip. They are more expensive and they take longer to use. We also do not need to buy a TV every month once one has been purchased.

Companies just want to entice you to buy their product or service by offering you something for free. Another example would be stores like Lowes. Occasionally, they will have deals on carpet and carpet installation where you could get a gift card if you elect to purchase carpet with installation.

Gift card deals or rewards are often company specific. They are also short term options. In most situations, the company is willing to give a certain amount of free gift cards to their consumers. It may be a limit of $1 million. Once they give away that amount in gift cards the promotion will end.

Other deals can be winning gift cards if you make a purchase. In this instance, you make a purchase of a certain product so your name is enrolled automatically in a drawing. The drawing occurs and a few winning names are chosen. If your name is chosen you get a gift card as a reward.

Gift cards can also be cash back rewards with credit card companies. These types of gift card deals only work when there is a cash back option and you elect to choose a gift card rather than a check or other type of redemption.

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