Craps Deposits Using Gift Cards (UPDATED FOR 2017)

Okay all of you savvy craps players out there, we got one of our local gambling experts to put together a little review of how you should take one of those annoying gift cards laying in your sock drawer and turn it into a substantial sum of money. This article will walk you through from the first craps bet to the point where you cash out for thousands, and if you listen attentively we might even stop off for ice cream along the way.

Making your First Gift Card Casino Deposit

It really doesn’t matter how much the gift card is that you received for a present, and as long as it has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it then you’re ready to get down to action on the craps tables. Be sure to take the 100% instant deposit bonus at Bet365 as well. This process takes about thirty seconds total (we’re timing you…hurry up!) so just enter your name, address, and the gift card number. Hit send and you’re ready to go.

Playing the First Few Rounds

Now I know what you’re going to say, your cousin Vinny taught you this killer craps strategy that he uses to make thousands of dollars and that’s what you want to do. That’s all fine and dandy, but the part that you’re missing is that your cousin Vinny probably walks into a casino with $5,000 in his pocket and bets fearlessly. If your gift card is for $50 or less, you first need a bit of a bankroll.

For the first few wagers, stick to either the “pass” or the “don’t pass” lines since they have the best overall odds starting out. Optimally, you’ll want to be betting about 1/10th of your bankroll per round or $5, whichever adds up to more. You’re going to keep doing this until you at least double your money…so do not get your whole chip stack tied into any one hand.

Moving on to Odds

Once you have a little bit of breathing room, go ahead and start betting the “odds bets” once as they become available. If you’re still a little nervous then just stick to the 6’s and 8’s until your stack gets a little bit bigger, and for the love of God stay away from all of the other bets that are available. I don’t care if the attendant personally told you that the dice are loaded and the next roll will be a seven, stick to pass, don’t pass, or odds.

Taking it Home

After your first fifteen minutes of betting, you should have a pretty good idea how the afternoon is going to go. If you’re at double your money then you should keep playing pass/don’t pass and the odds, and if you’re higher than that then you can start betting a little bit more aggressive by doubling/tripling those odds bets. I still don’t like the one-time bets simply because they have horrible house odds and you’ll have to get lucky to consistently make a killing on them.

If you are consistently winning and building an impressive cyber-chip stack at Bet365, it’s also time to start thinking about an exit strategy. What I usually do with gift card deposits is to withdraw all of my profits after I clear five times my money plus my initial gift card buy-in, but I’ll leave that initial amount on the Bet365 server for another day. On some occasions I’ve actually made a $20 gift card into thousands and my initial present is still sitting there, ready to be bet again on another occasion.

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