Sportsbook Gift Card Deposits

Good for you…your Aunt Glenda finally stopped buying you fuzzy earmuffs and chocolate covered raisins for your birthday! You must feel like a big man now that the adults are finally starting to treat you like a peer, and there’s nothing as classy to return the favor than to show them that you can turn their crummy little gift card into serious money through sports betting at Bet365. Just be sure to wear last year’s earmuffs while you do it…your office can get a little chilly at night.

Gift Card Sportsbooks- Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is to head over to Bet365 and create a player account. All it needs is your name and address, plus you’ll have to enter your gift card number so that they can get you started. Bet365 automatically gives you an instant 100% sign-up deposit bonus as well so you’re actually starting with double your buy-in amount. Once you verify your email address, it’s time to get down to business.

Gift Card Sportsbooks- Initial Betting Amounts

The key to gift card sports betting is maximizing your chances at a few initial wins, so either you want to go with heavy favorites or some other relatively safe bets to make sure you’ll actually get a good chance at hitting it big. If the gift card is $10 or under (giving you $20 total with the deposit bonus) then you probably want to risk the whole thing in one shot, but any more than that should probably be split between to equal wagers in different competitions.

Gift Card Sportsbooks- What to Bet

Now, just because a team is heavily favored does not mean that they will definitely cover the spread, so use your common sense and check out the underlying facts of each match-up. Look at which clubs are on a hot streak, how they matched up against their opponent recently, where they are playing, what the weather will be like, and who is sitting the game out due to injury. Bookmakers often cover most of these items when they set the initial betting lines but sometimes they also overlook many of the key traits.

Gift Card Sportsbooks- Bets to Avoid

Along those same lines, do not ever, ever, ever allow your emotional connection to a certain team or franchise affect what you wager on. I personally tell friends that my favorite football team will go undefeated every year (even when they stink), but placing a wager on it is something completely different. Bet on what you know by actually handicapping the match-up, not what you hope will happen.

Another wager to avoid when gambling with a small gift card is the big odds bets. On paper they look absolutely great, but the odds of winning one of these jackpots is often about the same as hitting the lottery.

Gift Card Sportsbooks- When to Get Serious

Once you have a few wins under your belt, feel free to bet some of the larger payouts in small increments as long as you’re still well over your initial deposit. Now remember, we count the deposit bonus from Bet365 part of your initial ante as well, because after enough wagers you can actually withdraw that money and take it home with you. Your best move is to stick to smaller, conservative bets with a clear goal in mind of when you’re going to call it quits.

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