Gambling Strategies that Don’t Translate to Online Casinos

Best casino strategies that you can’t employ at online betting sites.

Best Casino Strategies that you Can't Employ at Online Betting SitesMost of us enjoy a friendly wager now and again. Of those who do, most prefer to make smart bets that have a better chance of paying out. Gambling strategies can be an effective way to minimize risk and losses, while giving us a stronger sense of accomplishment when we win.

For the most part, land-based and online casinos are the same. They offer the same great games, with the exact same rules of play. But the strategies involved don’t always translate from the physical to the digital realm.

Best Casino Strategies that Don’t Work at Online Betting Sites

The only discernible difference between live and online casino games is the use of RNG-based software. A lot of terrestrial casinos utilize electronic games these days, but over the internet, every game is governed by a random number generator (RNG)

Slot machines, video poker, card games, keno, arcades, scratch-offs – they’re all 100% computer-based. This does not mean they aren’t fair. Quite the contrary, a licensed and certified software platform is indubitably fair. Electronic dealers don’t make mistakes. Digital roulette wheels can’t wear out or be tampered with. With this in mind, let’s see which casino games you can’t strategize the way you would at a land-based casino, and why.

#1 Card Counting in Blackjack

Sorry, but you cannot count cards in an online blackjack game, and there’s one very simple reason for it. The deck is auto-shuffled after each and every game. Even at a table where an 8-deck shoe of cards is in use, the software will shuffle and randomly generate a new deck each time you press the deal button. You are still welcome to use proper decision-making strategies to drop the house edge to a minimum, but without the ability to count cards, there is no way to slide the advantage into the player’s favor.

#2 Roulette Wheel Bias

While this strategy is harder to make use of in today’s land-based casinos, it’s impossible to employ at online betting sites. The idea is that a roulette wheel may become worn down over time, or the croupier might use a similar amount of force each time he/she spins it. By looking for patterns and paying close attention to the starting and ending position of the wheel over a length of time, an observant player may be able to increase their odds of picking the right number(s).

An online roulette wheel has no mechanical parts, and no croupier to initiate the spins. The computer software eliminates pattern behavior, generating 100% random outcomes every time.

#3 Baccarat Edge Sorting

One of the most difficult strategies in the gambling world, this one is only employed by the most observant of professionals, and even then, it requires an extra degree of charisma and cunning. The player – or players, more often – must get the dealer to unwittingly cooperate. The idea is that the players are able to identify inconsistent markings on a deck of cards, and get the dealer to continue using that same deck for along period of time, instead of trading it out for a new one.

When it works, it gives the players insight into the top card before it’s dealt, thereby giving them an advantage in betting on the player or the banker. But again, since the cards at online betting sites are shuffled and dealt by an electronic RNG – and the graphics on each card are computer generated – there’s no way to conduct edge sorting strategy at an online casino.


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