Entropay Poker Deposits (UPDATED FOR 2017)

Over the past several years, services like Entropay have become more popular for Canadian poker players who have found themselves unable to put money into their poker account in more traditional ways. Entropay is very popular among the Canadian poker playing public who want a legal way to add money to their poker bankroll.

What are Entropay Poker Deposits?

Entropay is really a prepaid credit card that is viable wherever you see a Visa symbol. You can use Entropay for any online transaction with merchants that accept VISA, including funding your poker account if they accept Entropay deposits. Most Canadian-facing poker rooms accept Entropay deposits from citizens of Canada.

To load and fund your Entropay account, you simply add money to your prepaid VISA Entropay card using money from your own personal debit card, credit card, or electronic check from a bank checking account. Entropay is really cheap to use when loading money onto your poker room account, with an easy to understand fee structure. Every deposit from Entropay to your poker room will set you back a standard 4.95% with cashouts from poker rooms costing just 1.95%–not much money for larger deposits and withdrawals but a big bite from smaller cashouts and pay-ins.

Entropay ‘s partnership with VISA should give you some sense of security, since VISA is an international finance company and Entropay now has a history of keeping customer records private and safe. Best of all, Entropay poker depositing happens instantly once you’ve loaded your prepaid VISA Entropay credit card.

VISA and Canadian Online Poker

Since Entropay is a VISA product, some Canadian poker players may have trouble depositing money through this system. As of this writing, VISA is attempting to block all payments to online poker sites, though their prepaid products (like Entropay) appear to still be safe from these kinds of embarrassing rejections. Talk to your poker room and to Entropay customer service honestly about what sorts of deposits you’re making and you may find that you have little trouble at all using VISA Entropay to deposit cash wherever you want.

How Entropay Works

Entropay requires you sign up for a free account with your personal details and banking information. Once you have signed up for the service, you’ll get an Entropay VISA card in the mail—you’ll use this card to make all your deposits and withdrawals from your online poker account.

Adding money to your Entropay account means using the totally secure and encrypted user interface on the Entropay website. You can deposit funds from a credit card or debit card or echeck directly to your prepaid Entropay VISA card. Your Entropay card is prepaid, which limits the amount of money you can deposit, a nice feature for players looking for a better way to budget their poker cash.

Use your Entropay prepaid VISA at any poker site that openly accepts either Entropay or VISA for deposits. Some Canadian poker sites are already blocking Entropay, but not all. While you’re at it, try using your Entropay poker balance for online purchases at VISA branded merchants. If you have a few nice months in a row of poker play online, you may find yourself using your Entropay card for a little online shopping spree.

The reason for Entropay’s popularity among Canadian poker players for their deposits to their poker accounts is the fact that it is prepaid, accepted at lots of different online merchants and poker rooms, and prevents you from having to share your personal details with your chosen poker room.

If you’re one of those Canadian players suffering from a lack of credit card deposit options, you can load your VISA Entropay card with the same rejected funds and ignore the problems associated with credit card deposits altogether. Since VISA Entropay payments don’t carry the same codes as actual credit cards (coded to indicate that a payment is headed for an online gaming site), there’s no way for a payment processor to reject the payment for that reason or to tie an online gambling deposit to your name. It’s totally anonymous in that sense.

Entropay Poker Deposit Fees

Since Entropay poker deposits are essentially purchases made on a prepaid VISA, the fees are about what you’d expect from prepaid cards. Entropay charges a 4.95% loading charge and a poker cashout fee of just under 2%. All other purchases made with your Entropay card, at any online vendor that accepts VISA, will not come with a charge unless noted.

Also, Entropay cards don’t carry any monthly or annual fees for upkeep. The only fees that Entropay will charge poker players are the fees when you deposit and withdraw from your card. Those fees are tied to the amount of cash involved, so they’re fair charges.

Canadian Entropay Online Poker Sites

Most of the best poker rooms accept Entropay for making deposits and cashouts to your online player accounts. We verify the ease of use at each of these sites before adding them to our certified safe list. Players from countries that have a hard time depositing at poker sites will find all the poker sites accepting Entropay as a deposit option have high acceptance rates and virtual global availability.

Entropay currently chooses to work with only the best online poker rooms which we have listed below, and we hope to update this page with more detailed information in the near future.

Requirements for Canadians Using Entropay

Canadian players who want to open an Entropay account only need to prove that they are of age (eighteen years old at least) and have some means of delivering money to the Entropay account. That means having a viable credit card or debit card where your Entropay funds will come from and hopefully be delivered to.

Citizens of most countries are allowed to use Entropay as a third party payment method, with the exception of Americans and people in a few smaller territories where online poker play is illegal.

Canadian Law and Entropay Poker Deposits

Canadian online poker law is slim, in fact as of this writing there are no laws on the books that outright prevent or regulate Canadian player’s online poker habits. Canadian banks and credit card companies, growing nervous about the future legality of online poker play in Canada, have restricted player’s ability to add funds to their online poker accounts. That’s where prepaid card services come in.

Canadian poker junkies can still use Entropay to fund their accounts and even, in most cases, as a withdrawal method when it is time to cash out poker winnings. Entropay is a reliable and safe way to put money in your poker account, and hopefully Canadian players will be able to enjoy this deposit method for years to come.

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