In The Know: Canadian My E-Money Purse Casinos 2017

When we make a purchase at a retail outlet, we don’t think twice about swiping our credit card. We naturally assume precautions are in place to protect our information. The same can’t be said of online merchants, which tend to make people nervous about sharing bank card info. For gambling enthusiasts who visit a My E-Money Purse casino, Canadian deposits don’t have to cause heart palpitations.

Ticket Premium Casino Canadian DepositsMy E-Money Purse (formerly “Ticket Premium” and “Ticket Surf”) has been a top choice among Canadian internet casino goers for years now. These pre-paid vouchers are quick, easy, and incredibly secure, as users aren’t required to divulge any personal financial information (bank account, credit card number, etc.) with the casino operator.

The most appreciated aspect of this payment method is its superior level of security. The service, owned and operated by TSI Plc, utilizes a multi-tier security process that includes transaction monitoring, SMS verification and anti-fraud surveillance.

Below, you’ll learn a lot more about the My E-Money Purse payment method, including a recent rebranding by the company, how and where to purchase electronic money vouchers, and how to make a deposit at one of many Canadian casinos that accept My E-Money Purse deposits.

My E-Money Purse Rebranding

Prior to 2017, the popular Canadian casino deposit method was known by two different names, depending on what region of the world you lived in. To better serve a wider European populace, as well as expand into other continents, the company chose to dissolve Ticket Surf into its Ticket Premium brand.

The transition was completed on January 5, 2016, at which time no more Ticket Surf vouchers were available for sale. Those who had already purchased a Ticket Surf voucher prior to that date were still able to use it up until it’s expiration, on October 5, 2016

In March 2016, further rebranding was initialized when the original website,, was converted to, a name it has used ever since.

Where To Buy My E-Money Purse

My E-Money Purse is available at retail outlets in select countries only. It’s largest source of business is conducted in France, with over 35,000 retail locations nationwide. Another 5,000+ are situated in Belgium. Thankfully, since the rebranding, the company is finally beginning to spread its wings.

Ticket Premium Canada LocationsJust a few years ago, Canadians were unable to purchase My E-Money Purse pre-paid vouchers at any retail outlet, although they could still acquire a virtual voucher over the internet. The payment solution has since opened four My E-Money Purse locations in Canada, but they are all located in southern Quebec.

Fortunately, for the rest of us Canadians who aren’t lucky enough to live nearby a retailer, the vouchers can still be purchased online. Simply visit and register a new account, or use your existing account details to log in.

Note that all former users of can use the the same login/password to access their account on

Buying My E-Money Purse Online

Once logged into the website, click your way to the My E-Money Purse section. Here, you’ll need to enter the amount you wish to put on the pre-paid voucher, available in denominations of $10, $25, $50, $100, $150 and $250.

Next, you’ll have to enter your bank card information. Be advised that the website is PCI Certified for utmost security. Utilizing superior encryption technologies, users have the choice of storing their bank card info for future one-click purchasing, or re-entering the information with each new purchase.

Finally, you’ll want to choose how you want to receive your My E-Money Purse voucher. Choices include a physical pre-paid voucher delivered via conventional mail, or instant electronic delivery via email or SMS text message to a mobile phone.

My E-Money Purse Casino Canadian Deposits

Using a pre-paid voucher is just as easy as acquiring one. There are currently 165 My E-Money Purse partner sites who accept the payment method. The majority offer some form of online betting services (BetClic,, UniBet, etc.), although there are a few traditional eMerchants on the list, as well.

To facilitate My E-Money Purse casino Canadian deposits, visit any partner casino, go to the banking section and click on the My E-Money Purse logo. You’ll be asked to enter the deposit amount and the 11-to-16 digit PIN code found on the voucher.

Note you do not have to use the entire voucher amount when depositing. If any funds are left over on the voucher, you can use it again at another time.

The deposit will instantly be verified and, if approved (i.e. if enough money is on the voucher to cover the deposit amount), transferred into your online casino account for immediate use.

Can I Withdraw Through My E-Money Purse?

Unfortunately, no. My E-Money Purse cannot be used to withdraw funds from a casino account. Lie all pre-paid payment methods, it is only available as a deposit method.

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