ClickandBuy Poker Deposits (UPDATED FOR 2017)

Canadian poker deposits are becoming more of a hassle. As soon as the American poker market figures itself out, Canadians may have more sturdy ground to tread, more deposit options available. For now, until our neighbors figure out how to handle their online poker laws, and in fact until the Canadian government figures out the same, Canadians with online poker accounts have to get a little creative when it’s time to add money to them, or to make a withdrawal.

What Are ClickandBuy Poker Deposits?

Established in the year 2000, ClickandBuy was doing business with thousands of merchants all over the world in less than a year. ClickandBuy’s large network of sites that accept their payments have made them one of the most trusted and most popular online payment processors. ClickandBuy has a relationship with more than 14,000 different online and retail merchants in 28 countries around the world. ClickandBuy also deals in more than 120 currencies worldwide.

As of this writing, more than 100 online poker room cashiers accept ClickandBuy as a third party payment processor for poker deposits. ClickandBuy is an instant payment processor for all sorts of online transactions, but poker players in many different parts of the world have found it to be a reliable poker deposit method.

Depositing with ClickandBuy

If you’re a new ClickandBuy customer, you’ll need to register a basic customer account directly from their site. You can also find ClickandBuy merchant kiosks and counters at grocer’s, drugstores, and other shops.

Registration is simple: let them know what country you live in, your preferred language, and fill in some information about your payment method. There are two available: direct debit from your checking account or using a credit or debit card.

Other information you’ll need to open a ClickandBuy account: your name, address, phone number, and other minor personal details. You’ll also need your bank’s name, routing number, and your checking account number if you plan to fund your ClickandBuy account with direct debit. You can also use your Visa, Via Electron, MasterCard, American Express, or Diners Club card to fund your ClickandBuy customer account.

When it comes time to actually adding money to your account, you have four options. You can add money to your ClickandBuy account with an online transfer, using your credit card, debit card, or performing a wire transfer from any bank account. Most of the time, you’ll be asked to call a special phone number to verify your deposit. This is for security purposes and takes a minute or two.

ClickandBuy only loses points for not being open to American poker wagers, but other than that, it is one of our favorite payment processors. ClickandBuy has been in business for almost twelve years, and they have a proven record of good security for customer accounts, fast transactions, and low fees.

About those fees: you really only run into big fee problems if you use your credit card. All credit card payments to your ClickandBuy account come with a 4% fee. That can get costly, especially if you’re adding more than a couple hundred bucks.

All other transfers are free and instant, unless you’re using an unconfirmed bank account. If you haven’t confirmed your bank account with ClickandBuy, you’ll have to pay a $1.50 fee per transfer.

Why does ClickandBuy get such high security marks? The company abides by the world’s strictest data protection guidelines, those put out by the German Federal Office for Information Security. We also like that you can contact Customer Support twenty-four hours a day every day of the year through either email or toll-free telephone.

Requirements for Canadians to Use ClickandBuy Deposits

Canadians have to follow the same rules when signing up for ClickandBuy as everyone else: all you’ll need are your personal details and access to the Internet.

Once you have your ClickandBuy account, you can make deposits to any Canadian-facing poker site that accepts deposits using ClickandBuy.

Canadian ClickandBuy Online Poker Sites

Here are our three favorite Canadian poker sites that accept deposits using ClickandBuy.

888 Poker

888Poker does business with Canadians, and works with ClickandBuy from customers all over the world. 888Poker is owned by a publicly-traded company, a good sign of stability and security. 888 is not one of these popular poker sites that skimps on the graphics; expect some of the best-looking games on the Internet when you sign up at 888Poker. Canadians who play online poker on their MacBook will be happy to learn that 888 offers a no-download version of their poker client that Mac-based poker players can use with no trouble. A first-deposit match bonus of 100% up to $600 is modest but totally attainable with a little extra poker play.

Party Poker

A first-deposit match bonus of 100% up to $500 looks downright anemic in today’s competitive online poker game, but Party Poker doesn’t rely on promotions to draw in traffic. Party Poker is popular because it is a household name in much of the poker-playing world, they offer pretty software that’s really easy to use, they have been Mac compatible for longer than anyone else, boast lots of traffic, and have a good satellite schedule. On the downside, Party Poker’s no-download poker client, famous among Mac poker junkies, is pretty heavily dumbed down compared to the full version, and Party Poker lacks the high stakes tournaments found at other major poker rooms. Canadians who want to use ClickandBuy to fund their online poker account should have no trouble at Party Poker.

Titan Poker

The iPoker network’s crown jewel, Titan Poker runs on iPoker’s Playtech software and readily accepts ClickandBuy deposits from Canadian citizens. Titan Poker has a massive 200% first deposit match bonus offer that is good for up to $2,000. Titan Poker has an extensive poker tourney lineup, worth $16 million in total prize money every month, and earns rave reviews for customer service, a big sticking point for Canadians unsure about the security available at online poker sites.

Yes, some poker players balk that the iPoker software they run is simplistic or boring, but it also has the benefit of being easy to use and accessible to lots of different people, thanks to support for 15 different world languages. Titan Poker might not look as pretty as Pokerstars or PartyPoker, but is a fully legal Canadian-facing poker site that is happy to do business with Canadians using ClickandBuy accounts for deposits.

Canadian Regulations about ClickandBuy Deposits

As of this writing, there are no laws in Canada that restrict or control a Canadian’s desire to play online poker. The only limits for Canadians when it’s time to pick a poker site are the limits imposed by poker sites themselves. The trick is to find a poker room that’s still open to Canadians and uses a payment processing system that you are happy with.

That’s why ClickandBuy gets such rave reviews. They do business with more than a hundred poker and gambling sites, and have been doing business with Canadians as long as the company’s doors have been open. If you’re looking for a very secure and well-reviewed payment processor with few fees, give ClickandBuy a look.

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