Click2Pay Poker Deposits – Canada (UPDATED FOR 2017)

eWallets and other alternative payment transfer methods are becoming more important to Canadian poker players. Canadian banks and credit card companies are limiting customer’s ability to transfer money from a bank account or credit card to an online poker account, so Canadian poker players are turning to other methods to add and withdraw money to and from their poker bankroll.

Click2Pay first appeared in 2000 as an eWallet, a method for making all sorts of purchases over the Internet. This includes funding your online poker or other online gaming account. In use for more than a decade as of this writing, Click2Pay is one of the easiest online poker deposit methods, partnering with 140 online poker rooms to give customers an easy way of moving money back and forth between accounts.

Click2Pay has been forced out of the American market, like many other payment transfer systems, but still continues to allow customers from all over the world to perform poker room deposits and other gaming transactions. In fact, poker players from just over 180 countries worldwide can use Click2Pay for a safe and nearly instant cash deposit method at many of their favorite online poker rooms.

What Are Click2Pay Poker Deposits?

Click2Pay stands out as a poker deposit method because it works just like a credit card. When you sign up, you’ll have to go through a credit check just like with a credit card, and you’ll be limited in terms of your weekly spending habits based on that credit score. Poker players with bad credit scores won’t be able to use Click2Pay, so before you apply, make sure your credit situation is good.

Click2Pay Poker Deposits Security

The majority of good poker rooms allowing Canadian players use Click2Pay as an option for online payment transfers. Unlike newer eWallets or transfer methods, Click2Pay has a long history with poker rooms and online money transfers of all sorts, which leads us to the question about security.

Click2Pay reports not one instance of identity theft or fraud, amazing for a company working in online transfers for more than ten years. If you have questions about Click2Pay’s integrity, go ahead and contact their customer service phone line, which is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can also send an email, fill out a help form at their website, and (at the right times) use live chat to talk directly to customer support.

You’ll be happy to find out that the Click2Pay account registration process is mostly a security measure, protecting you and your account from fraud. Yes, the registration process is lengthy, but it will keep your personal information and your account history private and secure.

Click2Pay Application Process for Canadians

1. Fill out the site’s registration form (you’ll only need your basic details: name, address, phone, email, etc.). Canadians will be asked for their Social Insurance Number to confirm their identity and their bank account information, usually through your debit card. That’s how all payments to Click2Pay are made: as debits directly from your bank account.

2. Once these forms are turned in, you’ll need to pass Click2Pay’s “call-back validation” where a customer support team member will call the phone number you’ve given at customer sign-up to call you and identify you. If you don’t get your call within 3 minutes of registration, you need to contact them, as something has probably gone wrong. All you’ll do at this point is verify the details you gave when you signed up.

3. Click2Pay also takes the time during their call back to officially run their credit check on you and you’ll be assigned a Star Rating based on that credit score. Good credit gives you a better 7 day limit, though all new customers will be given a low limit regardless of credit and that amount will increase as you do more business with Click2Pay.

4. One thing poker players are surprised about when they start using Click2Pay is that they don’t actually have to fund their account. Your payments to Click2Pay come out of your bank account via a debit card transaction. You’ll use your virtual PIN number at your chosen poker site. Think of this number as like a credit card number and you won’t miss a beat during the deposit process.

Requirements for Canadians to Click2Pay Deposits

Click2Pay requires you debit your bank account directly by giving them your debit card information. This is basically just a fancy way of describing a traditional bank wire, but in this case Click2Pay actually pays for the deposit for you ahead of time, which is why they run your credit to determine your ability to repay. Click2Pay is a kind of credit account, with all purchases incurring a 3% fee.

Canadian Click2Pay Online Poker Sites

Of the Canadian-facing poker sites accepting Click2Pay as a funds transfer method, Titan Poker is among the most popular and best-reviewed. Canadians can use Click2Pay to transfer funds to their poker account at Titan Poker and enjoy some of the best online poker the Internet has to offer.

Titan Poker

Online since 2005, more than 12 years now, Titan Poker (licensed out of Antigua and Barbuda) currently offers a 200% first deposit match bonus worth up to $2000. This offer is one of the larger promotions available to Canadian online poker players. The Titan Poker gaming lobby goes out of its way to make finding a game or tournament easy, with more search filters than most online rooms, and live chat support hosted right in the gaming lobby. Titan Poker is not the perfect room for poker players who like to customize the appearance of the game, since the gaming tables and the gaming lobby can’t be resized. Titan Poker accepts Click2Pay as a payment method from Canadian customers.

Canadian Regulations about Click2Pay Deposits

As of this writing, no Canadian law or regulation exists that would get in the way of a Canadian poker player making a deposit to a poker room using Click2Pay. The hope is that the Canadian government will stay out of the online poker business altogether or legalize online poker across the board, as more regulation will scare off payment methods such as Click2Pay.

Look at how quickly PayPal and NETeller ran the other direction when the government in Canada mentioned taking a long hard look at online poker—Click2Pay is a safe and easy way to transfer money to your online poker account, and the loss of this very safe and customer-friendly method of adding to your poker bankroll would be a big loss for Canadian online poker fans.

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