Citadel Instant Banking Keeps Casino Deposits Safe and Secure

Citadel Instant Banking for Casino DepositsWhile internet gambling sites tend to list a plethora of casino deposit options, Canadians will quickly learn that only a limited number of them are available in their country, and in their currency. One of the fastest and most secure options is Citadel Instant Banking.

Citadel casino deposits allow the user to transfer money directly from their own bank account, without having to divulge financial information to any party. Users don’t even need to open an account with Citadel to use the service.

Citadel is not an eWallet, therefore there’s no need to open or to pre-fund an account. So long as sufficient funds are available in the user’s bank account, the payment can be processed.

What You Need To Use Citadel Instant Banking

There are only three requirements to use Citadel Instant Banking for casino deposits.

1. You must be at least 18 years of age.

2. You must reside in any of the 23 countries where Citadel operates (yes, Canada is among them).

3. You need to have an account with one of the 300+ financial institutions supported by the online payment service (with enough funds on balance to facilitate the transfer, of course).

Why Citadel Casino Deposits?

There are plenty of reasons why Citadel Instant Banking is the preferred choice for countless real-money online casino players – especially those residing in Canada. The fact that transfers can be made is Canadian Dollars (CAD) is very high on that list.

Unlike prepaid gift cards, which either can’t be purchased in CAD, or can’t be transferred to a casino operator in CAD, Citadel casino deposits are able to avoid the all-too-common currency exchange fees associated with many other payment options.

The service offers unrivaled security, as well. Citadel uses the exact same cutting-edge technology financial systems use to protect and encrypt sensitive data transfers. Suffice to say, if you already trust your bank or credit card company enough to make purchases online and/or pay your household bills over the internet, there’s no reason to doubt the integrity of Citadel Instant Banking.

Furthermore, the payment service is instant, meaning the moment you confirm a deposit with Citadel, the funds are immediately available in your casino account balance. You can even use Citadel Instant Banking for withdrawals, although it generally takes 1-3 business days after the casino processes the request to appear in your bank account.

Best of all, Citadel is extremely cost effective. There is no fee to receive a withdrawal, and the fee for any outgoing payment via Citadel is “1.50 units of your local currency”. That’s a lot cheaper than the percentage-based rates charged by most eWallet services.

How Citadel Deposits Work

Citadel is like the brake line in your car. When you press the brake, the tires stop. Your online casino is the pedal, and your bank represents the tires. Citadel is the brake line that connects the two, making sure it all works seamlessly and safely.

You could use an Instant eCheck to deposit directly from your bank, but doing so requires you to divulge your bank account and routing number to the casino. With this instant banking method, once you click the Citadel deposit option, you are directed to their secure website to select your bank from a list of over 300 supported financial institutions.

Click on your bank’s name, and you’ll be redirected again, this time to login to your bank with your usual login credentials. Thus, from your own bank, you are able to confirm the purchase. Citadel pushes that money down its proverbial brake line and makes sure its securely and immediately delivered.

Compatibility with Desktop and Mobile

Citadel casino deposits can be made on any Mac or PC desktop computer, as well as smartphones and tablets. Note that in some cases, (dependent on the user’s bank), when using a mobile device to make a payment, the user may be asked to download a small ‘Payment Assistant‘ application to complete the transfer.

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