Epic Win From A Gift Card

Our readers contact us all of the time and tell us about great wins they’ve experienced at Bet365 or similar casinos, but we certainly were not prepared for the email that showed up this morning. One of our loyal subscribers (who wished to remain anonymous) messaged us this morning and told us a story that was so ridiculous, embarrassing, and funny that it almost had to be true, plus it details how he ended up winning over $75,000 off of a $25 gift card that he received for Christmas. Here’s what happened:

A Pleasant Surprise

Our anonymous reader…let’s call him Bob…started his email by saying that he was cleaning out the drawers in his bedroom and he found an old $25 Visa gift card from last Christmas (2016). Now, Bob is not much of a gambler except for the occasional sports bet or poker tournament, but just as he found the gift card and started to think about how to spend it, his telephone rang.

On the other end of the line, a friend of his told him that he had an absolute lock at the local horse track; the #4 horse was going to dominate in the 5th race. As we said earlier, Bob normally wouldn’t even consider wagering on something like that, but with the Visa card in hand he figured to take a chance and hope for the best.

Choosing an Online Casino

Bob had visited our website several times in the past to pick up some strategy advice, so he knew that Bet365 would take the gift card as a deposit option. He received a 100% match bonus and wagered his entire $50 on the #4 in the fifth race…except that he didn’t get it quite right. Since Bob was not used to the Bet365 sportsbook and did not think it completely through; he bet on the first #4 horse that he saw, which happened to be three minutes to post time for the 3rd race. It got even worse; the 4 horse in the 3rd was a 70-1 longshot.

Luck Prevails

To make a long story short, somehow that number four horse managed to squeak out a win by a nose, paying Bob $3,500 and giving him the most shocking experience of his life. Besides the huge profit itself, our story teller couldn’t believe how fast his heart was beating or the invincible feeling that swept through him. He said that at that very moment when the #4 crossed the finish line, the only thing he could compare it to would be losing his virginity…nothing else had ever been as spectacular.

Becoming the High Roller

Well, now Bob is sitting around with some serious cash and he still has a hot tip for the fifth race…there was simply no sense in logging out from Bet365 with only one match-up to go. While he waited through the 4th race (which he didn’t bet on), Bob says that he read that online program no less than fifty times, and everything he saw looked like the #4 horse was a lock. He had won his last two races and he had actually dropped down into a lower class after a three week layoff, yet somehow he was not even the dead-on favorite. At three to one Bob couldn’t help think about what he was going to do with almost $11,000…but there was only one problem. Violet Moonlight.

Crazy Stupid

Violet Moonlight was the eight horse in the fifth race and Bob almost immediately fell in love with the name. It was another longshot with nothing special about his previous performances, except that his recent workouts had somehow shaved several seconds off of his 1/4 mile time. Violet Moonlight was carrying a new jockey and was being worked by a different trainer, and every time Bob started to bet the four horse he found himself looking over the stats of that darn number eight.

Being in the Zone

Well, the clock continued to tick and before Bob knew it, it was five minutes to post time on the fifth race. He still hadn’t made his $3,500 wager, and for a little while he considered logging out of Bet365 completely. Just about that time, however, the cameras panned to the horses being led down towards the starting gate and he got a good look at Violet Moonlight, and Bob swears that the horse turned his head and winked towards the camera. Without second though he bet the whole $3,500 on the eight horse. Bob claims that it was possibly the most confidence that he ever had in anything.

For clerical purposes, our staff reviewed this race and we never once saw Violet Moonlight wink at us. In fact, this big black stallion never seemed to wink at anybody, but boy could he run once he was let loose in the backstretch. The jockey never even raised his whip or gave a slight kick from what we could see; this pony just got mad and decided that he wasn’t going to lose anymore. Not only did this horse win the race but he also set a track record for the quarter mile…we’ve never seen anything like it.

After the fifth race our friend Bob cashed in his ticket for $78,535, making it one of the biggest one-day wins that any of our readers have ever accomplished. At the end of the email he also explained that the reason he wanted to remain anonymous was because his friend gave him his original $25 wager back and took him to lunch after the four horse lost in the fifth, and that person also happens to be one of our loyal readers.

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